Custom Chrome for Your Valkyrie

When it comes to customizing your Valkyrie, Chrome is going to be what most of us reach for. Often little touches make the biggest visual impact and usually won’t break the bank. The fine points can also set you apart from the next guy or even net you that trophy. K and G Cycles ( has a great selection of Chrome for your ride, but I want to spotlight 2 particular pieces today that can literally be the cherry on top.

BBP-1-326   Adding Chrome where it never was before is easy with this Front fender Extension (Part # BBP-1-326). Finished in show quality chrome, this steel extension will add a luxurious look to that Valkyrie. With the eye catching ribs, this piece now becomes a one of a kind accent. Being unique in a world of reproductions is a tough battle, but when you have K and G on your side it just became a whole lot easier.

   Next I want to share with you Part # BBP-1-237, a Chrome front caliper cover. This Chromed stamped steel piece covers the front brake caliper. Created in the popular raised chrome design, it mounts easily with hardware included. There are a few reasons it is wise to add a caliper cover to your motorcycle.

1) The obvious – You want to add more Chrome to an area on your bike that is begging for it. You may want to dress it up, highlight new wheels, or accent a new paint job.

2) To hide the unsightly cast caliper. Lets face it, from the factory, those puppies are ugly at best. They don’t have to be, install one of these covers and its show time!

3) You want to keep the brake dust to a minimum. Adding a cover can help direct the onslaught of brake dust, keeping it off your rims, off those whitewalls, and in general make clean up a lot easier

   By adding these two Chrome accessories to your Valkyrie, you can take your bike from Hmmm…… to WOW!!!!! Contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( and turn that Valkyrie into the show stopper it was meant to be!

Speedway improves an already great Product

It is always a good day when we are notified by our suppliers they have redesigned a product and improved its effectiveness. K and G Cycles ( recently received notice from Speedway Motorsports Shelters that a simple part change has led to improved watershed and internal clearance on their Instant Shelters.

Here is the press release directly from Speedway Motorsports Shelters: Santa Cruz, CA.- In a constant effort to improve the entire line of Speedway Motorsport Shelters products, the engineers have made an excellent revision to our ever popular retractable shelters. Simple, yet extremely effective, the best just got better! 

Here you can see this simple change will make all the difference in extreme weather. 
By using the new new speedway bowsarched design on the top three cross members, the Speedway Shelter will shed rain, snow, and anything that comes down in a much more efficient manner. As seen below, in addition to external aspect and functionality of the design, it will also allow for more internal clearance facilitating even higher windshields, handlebars, and mirror heights when the bike is parked in the unit.

old and new shelters   As you can see there is a visible arch to the roof of the revamped shelters. This has led to increased interior clearance as well as a greater amount of element deflection on the outside. Sometimes when a product is “redesigned” quality in other areas tends to be overlooked. This is not the case with the Speedway Motorsports Shelter. They have not missed a beat with this upgrade. In fact it is better than ever. Check out the complete line at K and G Cycles Website (

Adding Safer L.E.D. Lighting to your Bike

   Whether or not you know, on page 673 in every Motorcycle Owners Guide to Life there is a written rule we must replace, upgrade, modify our motorcycle in some way, shape or form. One of the upgrades that has the biggest returns is Turn Signal Upgrades. Now it is possible to create a bigger visual footprint on the road soothers have a better chance of seeing you. No matter what you ride, K and G Cycles ( has just what you need.

    When we magreen bike leds BBP-10-1503  ke the upgrade to Amber L.E.D. Turn Signal Conversion Kits they provide a unique honeycomb clear lens to the OEM turn signals. L.E.D.s are brighter than stock lights, providing added safety.  The L.E.D. circuit boards plug into OEM bulb socket replacing the stock bulb. Each L.E.D. circuit board has a polished chrome face plate to enhance illumination. Due to the decreased electrical load,  these kits require load equalizers to return turn signal to the stock flash rate. For your convenience the Turn Signal Conversion Kit mounts with OEM screws. Depending on your model, these Conversion Kits incorporate 36 or 42 bright LED’s per set, enhancing visibility and safety. L.E.D.’s are known for their long useful life and draw less power. Something often overlooked is that to truly get the true visual effect of L.E.D.’s the beveling style of the lens needs to be designed to distribute the light from the L.E.D.’s to get the full benefit. All of the kits have custom designed lenses to enhance illumination and even meet European approvals. The L.E.D. circuit boards have chrome backers that enhance illumination. This, combined with custom lenses designed to replace OEM ones grant multiple fitments for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha motorcycles. All units come with amber L.E.D.’s and clear lenses that have matched for either front or rear turn signal applications.

  Since they are virtually plug and play upgrades, the conversion is fairly simple. Contact the Pros at K and G Cycles ( and bring a little more light to the road. L.E.D. lights are the future, as they last longer, use less energy, and project brighter light. Upgrade now and get out of the past.

Rush Racing Products churns out some Great Exhaust

   As we all know there are a ton of exhaust companies out there, but when it comes to sound, quality, and overall customer satisfaction there are few that rise to the top. One of those is Rush Racing Products, commonly known as Rush. Not to be confused with the great Canadian Progressive Rock Trio, these guys are all about making music, using their exhaust components and your bike. The crew here at K and G Cycles ( is happy to bring you Rush Exhaust for your Metric Bike.

   RUSH RACING PRODUCTS manufactures high performance motorcycle exhaust for many Metric V-Twins such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki,and Kawasaki. Being famous for a deep throaty sound, they also provide an improvement in performance. Headquartered in Northern Indiana, they have been involved in high performance exhaust manufacturing for nearly three decades, and does so in their State of The Art facilities. Rush offers Slip-On mufflers and full exhaust systems for much of the Metric Motorcycle world. All you need to do to add a great sounding product to your bike is choose what set up works best for you.

   Slip-On MuffleRush Yamaha Tourrs  – Rush Mufflers have been engineered through thousands of hours of development, in order to guarantee you the best performance and sound in the market to date. For your convenience, the mufflers feature interchangeable baffles that are wrapped in a high temperature matting. Designed to disperse heat and retain sound, this allows freedom of choice between several levels of performance and sound. Their state of the art chroming process allows them to offer a one year limited warranty against manufacturer defects on chrome products. Translation is, you get a great look, a great sound, and peace of mind of purchase from a company that stands behind their product.
Rush VTX    Full Exhaust Systems – All RUSH Full Systems come standard with a ceramic coating on both the inside and outside of the head pipe, resulting in temperatures that are considerably cooler than any other manufacturers full system by up to 300º.  Because you are given a choice of a Chrome ¾ wrap blue proof heat shield or a rich Black finish, you are bound to find a set up that gives you the look and sound that is right for you. Many different styles of exhaust are available like Short Pipe, Long Pipes, Cross Overs, 2 into 1 Performance Pipes, and True Dual Exhaust Systems.
Rush Suzuki swept    Black Finish – The Black Slip-On mufflers feature a high-temperature powder coat in a rich black finish. Suitable for those wanting to achieve that Sinister look. RUSH is also the first in the industry to offer Black Stock Replacement Heat Shields. In addition, they also have Black Full Exhaust Systems. These systems are treated with a Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating on both the inside and outside of the exhaust that effectively reduces exhaust temperature up to 300 degrees. All RUSH Performance Exhaust features corrosion protection that maximizes the longevity of the finish. With a technologically-advanced adhesion process that allows them to warranty your new exhaust system from any manufacturer defects for one full year, installing new Rush Exhaust components is a great idea.

    With over 30 years experience providing better performance and better sound, Rush Racing Products, manufacturer of Rush Mufflers and Rush Exhaust is one company that is offering the Metric Motorcycle owner a bona fide choice when it comes to exhaust. K and G Cycles ( is the proud source for all your Rush Exhaust products.

Putting your own Spin on Your Gold Wing

   You finally made it through your first season of Motorcycling Nirvana! You purchased that Gold Wing and now you are ready to personalize it. No matter what motorcycle brand you prefer, there is one common denominator – Chrome! Gold Wings in particular are generally devoid of Chrome so if you like the shiny things in life, it is up to you to add the glitz! K and G Cycles ( is here to make your job easier.

Chrome-windshield-garnish-B  Let’s begin by looking at the Chrome Windshield Garnish Part # BBP-52-795. This beautifully chromed windshield garnish trim piece quickly mounts to replace the OEM painted garnish, thus giving your bike a custom look. As the saying goes, “You can never have too much Chrome.” and the square footage this piece covers backs that up. Best of all, this Garnish is finished is show level chrome. For your convenience, this upgraded kit comes with a new windshield rubber gasket already in place eliminating the need for a 3rd hand during installation. So no one is left out, the fitment covers Honda GL1800 Gold Wing 2001-12.

led-running-light-BBP-52-80     To compliment the previously mentioned Windshield Garnish, I am showing you this L.E.D. Daytime Running Light. Being seen is the key to being safe. That is what K and G cycles had in mind when purchasing the latest LED Day Running Light (Part # BBP-52-807). This chrome Front Fairing Trim incorporates 18 Hi-Intensity Day Light Running LED’s making sure you can be seen. This ABS chrome Fairing Nose Trim replaces the stock GL1800 Gold Wing OEM fairing nose trim and installs with ease. The Front Fairing Day Running Light is a great addition as well as a safety accessory that lets oncoming traffic see you first. The kit comes with T-Taps that allow you to wire the unit into low beam headlights, a handlebar on/off accessory switch or other preference. Versatility, good looks, and increased safety come in this beautiful trim piece kit.

Chrome-Lower-Cover-BBP-52-818   Wrapping things up, I want to show you this Chrome Lower Front Cowl. Replacing the OEM plastic on the GL1800 Gold Wing, this new lower front cowl has a stylish flair and a brilliant chrome finish. This much Chrome is sure to make the others jealous.Part # BBP-52-818 uses reinforced tabs for a stronger secure fit, this cowl will work seamlessly with both OEM and Show Chrome Accessories Lower Fog Light. This means you can choose between Incandescent or L.E.D. lighting for better night time vision. Installation couldn’t be any easier, this unit mounts with your existing hardware.

   Adding Chrome is always a good thing when it comes to your motorcycle. Adding Chrome in the Off-Season is even sweeter. Adding Chrome in the Off-Season you purchased at K and G Cycles ( is even better yet because of the money you saved. When it comes to accessorizing your motorcycle, K and G Cycles is the best deal around.

An Easy Way to Increase Cargo Capacity

  You are looking for a way to haul more on your motorcycle, but know that the trailer is much more than you need. What do you do? You contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( because they have an innovative a solution that will will have you zipping down the roadway with more cargo space than you ever imagined possible. K and G Cycles lets you take more on your ride with this all new Universal Trailer Hitch Rack (Part # BBP-52-828). It has a generous 16″ wide x 10 ½” deep platform that will accommodate coolers, extra luggage, bags and more. Constructed of tubular steel, the 1 ½” high framework is deep enough to secure the load while giving you piece of mind while rolling down the road.

hitch-rack-BBP1  With it’s simple mounting bracket, this hitch rack uses your hitch ball (purchased separately) as its mounting bolt with a custom designed washer that prevents movement once the bracket is securely tightened. Best of all, this works with most receivers up to 3″ wide and fits balls with up to a ¾” shank. Another great feature is the versatility of this system. Since it mounts to the receiver ball mount, it fits with both horizontal and vertical receiver hitch assemblies. A quick release design allows easy removal by simply removing the 2 locking pins and sliding the rack free of the mount to accept your trailer. Made from durable powder coated steel, this rack will give years of service and hold up to harsh road grime. Given its open, tubular design this durable rack weighs in at just over 6 lbs so you will hardly notice its back there. Another feature of the double stacked tube design is the ability to firmly secure the load from any angle, giving you a stable ride.

   For those times when the trailer is too much, yet the Saddlebags or Tour Pak just won’t do, The Trailer Hitch Rack comes to your rescue. K and G Cycles ( presents the this handy “Middle Man” of the Motorcycle Cargo Carrying Brigade (Part # BBP-52-828). Easy on, easy off design does not hamper full use of your bike. The Trailer can still be hitched without hassle or the motorcycle can be used by itself. Check it out today!

The Keys to a Great Home Shop

   Setting up a motorcycle friendly home garage is something we all would like to do, but may not know what we need. Just like anything, there are basic set-ups, mid-range designs, and full blown, over the top shops. Many factors need to be considered when designing your at Home Shop, such as level of use, available floor space, weather, entertainment, and cost. Some of these may seem silly, but as we examine each one, it will be clear why these all contribute to a functional, well organized shop, that will provide you with years and years of service.

   The first psportbike stand up lift tr-775484 is a great way to service and clean your bike.iece that will have you establishing your shop is a motorcycle lift, available from K and G Cycles ( Ask yourself “How much will I use it?”, and “How much room do I really have?”. The first style of lifting device is a frame jack, offering big lifting numbers, compact design, and can be rolled around the garage to give you the best use of space. These do take some getting used to because their jack point is the frame and can seem unstable, but by maintaining an average 16″ lifting height that allows you access to the underside of the bike and having multiple anchor points that add stability when the bike is tied down, these frame jacks are a fully capable and inexpensive alternative when starting up your home shop. In addition, if space is at a premium, these are a great choice as they have a small footprint and can be stored just about anywhere. If you want to raise the bike even higher, a drive on motorcycle lift will give you approximately 30″ of lift allowing you to stand next to the bike and work on it. Less mobility is a trade off for greater capacity and increased lift range so placement of the unit is a critical decision. Securing the motorcycle to the lift is a cinch with the front wheel clamp and additional anchor points fore and aft. Many of these lifts are powered by pneumatic lift cylinders making it much easier to raise the bike to operating level. They also have a drop down lock bar that can secure the deck in1 of 4 height settings.

   Since this style of motorcycle lift operates on an air cylinder, it looks like an air compressor needs to be added to your list of must haves. The good news is an air compressor will perform many more tasks for you than powering the lift. You can maintain tire pressure on anything more easily. It also opens you up to air tools, making vehicle maintenance and modification easier. If you have 1 lift and a few air tools there is no need to run out and buy a 150 gallon 3 phase compressor, a lift will require about 100 psi to run smoothly so an affordable compressor rated for 125 psi should do the trick. Your local hardware store or home improvement center should be able to help you decide what will work best for you.

shop-tools-02   Another thing to consider is tools and tool storage. Do you have the right tools for the job you are intending to do?  There is a large range of tools needed to allow you to do everything from servicing the fluids to customization of your bike.  Today, even special tools that used to be a dealership item only can be ordered allowing you even more ability at home. Something to keep in mind is even though it is very tempting to have the “Big Name” tools, they can end up costing you thousands of dollars. If we used them everyday that would be fine, but for most of us being a weekend warrior is as deep as we get so opting for a less expensive choice might be a good idea. There are plenty of high quality tools available with lifetime warranties available at reasonable prices. .  Tool storage options are limitless. You can have a tool box in almost any color and size, as well as some that even have radios built in. When buying a tool box, you want to make sure it is built well, has a solid feel, good finish, has a sufficient weight capacity, and falls in your budget. One suggestion when buying a tool box would be, make sure you have room for expansion because you will be buying more tools and will need a place to store them. Something else to think about is shelving and storage bins because there will always be a need for miscellaneous screws, bolts, zip ties, oils, filters, and cleaning supplies to be put somewhere.

   Weather is something that should be considered when assembling your home shop. Are you going to make room in an existing garage? Do you have a pole barn that is being finished? Are you going to convert that min barn? Regardless of where you decide to place your new shop, you will want to make sure you have adequate access to the shop for you and your bike, proper ventilation, if you will be in there in cooler weather sufficient insulation will be a concern, and as well as adequate lighting. These are all important so any fumes are removed from the building, temperatures are comfortable, and so you don’t have to wheel that bike through the dirt or mud to get into your new shop.

   Now I know many of you are scratching your head on the “entertainment” aspect of the new shop so let me explain. Many of us like to work with music playing in the background, or maybe we like to listen to the game., whatever your choice it is entertainment. If it is just you in the garage a mini-shelf system may satisfy, if you are in an out building you may want to “crank it up” and get something bigger, or if your shop turns into a hang out for the buddies you ride with a flat screen with a surround system may be the ticket. TV’s can be place just about anywhere anymore, especially with the advent of wireless receivers.

   So you see, your new shop can be anything from the spot in the garage when you pull your vehicle out to a full fledged mechanics area with a party room. Whatever you choose, whether your wrenching or detailing, catching the game or grabbing a brew with the crew, you can easily customize a place that meets your needs on almost any budget. The first step is letting K and G Cycles ( hook you up with the jack that meets your needs, at a price that is sure to please.

All Season Riding Gear from TourMaster

When we first start riding, we all do the same thing. Put on our “coolest” jeans, a wicked temperature appropriate shirt or jacket, and ride. As we rack up the miles, we begin to realize having actual riding gear can make the journeys more enjoyable. K and G Cycles ( carries a huge selection of riding gear, but today I want to focus on the Tour Master Flex line of gear. Considered to be some of the most comfortable riding gear out there.

Flex Jacket HH-8758-0305-03   Up first is the Flex Series Jacket. An all season, all weather jacket capable of staving off the elements while providing top notch protection comfortably. Designed to be as flexible as needed (hence the line name – Flex) this jacket delivers so many in demand features it is hard to look at any others. Proving to be as versatile as the rider this jacket can go from a Carbolex jacket to an Armor link Mesh jacket and back without skipping a beat. Take a look at the other great features of this premium jacket.

  • Water-resistant outer jacket incorporates waterproof zippered sleeve vents – means your as dry as a popcorn $%@* in Church on Sunday
  • 360º Phoslite® reflective piping and Tour Master’s signature reflective rear triangle help increase nighttime visibility – Adding any reflective properties is a good thing
  • Soft, durable microfiber-lined collar and cuff – for you “delicate” riders, it won’t chafe
  • Adjustable sleeve take up straps to secure elbow armor and material – keeps everything where it should be so you get the best protection
  • Removable, CE approved armor at the elbows and shoulders with an articulated triple density back protector – every once in awhile the jacket needs to be cleaned and this makes it easier
  • Tour Master’s Z.O.Q. (Zip-Out Quilted) Liner features warming 100gm polyfil insulation – when cooler temps arrive, you’ll be ready at a moments notice
  • Zippered hand pockets, internal pouch pocket and mobile media pocket – a mess of storage for everything you need at the ready
  • Adjustable waist belts with TPR pulls help to fine tune the fit – means you will be as snug as a bug in a rug
  • Includes a jacket/pant zipper attachment with the pant side included – so you can become (1) with the pants flex pant HH-87-419

flex pant HH-87-419   What a great way to start the hunt for quality gear. Tour Master has a reputation built around comfort, protection, and value. Why not let their countless years of experience go along on your next. Now I will present the corresponding riding pants. Just like the Flex Jacket, the pants have been designed to give you the utmost in comfort, protection, fit, style, and wear. Most riders will wear a riding jacket but few will wear riding pants. Many see it as an image issue, yet others feel it will increase body temps while riding. Tour Master has tackled these concerns and more with the Flex Pant. A versatile riding pant suited for year round travel aimed at delivering the best riding experience possible. Check out the details of the only riding pants you will need.

  • 600 Denier Carbolex® shell converts easily to an Armor-Link Mesh shell, and vice-versa – means you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way
  • Phoslite® reflective piping helps to increase nighttime visibility – helps other see you better
  • Heat resistant material panels line the lower inseams to help protect the pants from engine heat – built for time in the saddle
  • Thigh length side zippers allow for ease of dressing – on or off in seconds, helpful when needing to access the Little Riders Room
  • Double stitched construction throughout – built to last
  • Dual elastic panel waistband with adjustable waist belts and a 2-snap main closure – offers a fit like no other
  • Removable, CE approved knee armor with Tour Master’s exclusive 3-Position Knee Armor Alignment System as well as removable soft hip armor – delivers increased protection plus easier cleaning
  • Stretch materials in the calf, inseam and knees provide flexibility and a performance fit – a custom fit without the custom price
  • Includes Tour Master’s removable, 2-Stage Aqua-Therm® liner; the first stage is a waterproof/windproof liner, and the insulated second stage can be easily attached for additional warmth – Let’s you conquer temps from mild to wild
  • Adjustable waist belts, with TPR pulls, help to fine tune the fit – fully adjustable to the best fit for you
  • Features an 8″ pant/jacket zipper attachment with the jacket side included – keeps you together through tough times
  • Can be combined with Tour Master Flex jacket – essentially giving you a complete riding suit

   Once again, Tour Master has hit the ball out of the park with its Flex Line (Jacket and Pants). From Spring to Fall, Summer to Winter and any other season you can experience Tour Master Flex can bring you through comfortable and dry. Available from K and G Cycles ( the Flex Line has so many adjustments for finding that Goldie Locks fit, it may be awhile before you are ready for the road. Seriously though, with a fit as good as a tailor made set up and off the rack pricing, you can’t afford not to get some awesome riding gear.

Cobra gives you no nonsense Tuning with Results

We all know understanding and conquering Fuel Management can be a tricky one at best. With so many questions that needing to be answered, it can be a lot to take in. Do I need it? Do I need to Dyno tune my bike after installation? Will I see any real benefits? Well the knowledgeable crew at K and G Cycles ( is here to provide the answers to those questions and more regarding Fuel Management devices and what you need to know. So sit back and take notes as we discuss how one of these devices can help your situation.

Cobra fuel processor TR-080732   Check out what Cobra has to offer with the FI 2000 Digital Fuel Processor. The FI 2000 is the single best way to tune a fuel-injected motorcycle in order to eliminate lean air/fuel mixture settings. Because each unit is tuned specifically for brand and model, optimal settings are programmed in. It is the perfect tool to fine tune EFI engines quickly, easily, and economically. Look at the great feature included with each Cobra unit:

  • Simple to install, works with any exhaust system—stock or aftermarket – No long hours spent scratching your head.
  • Increases horsepower and torque by optimizing stock lean air/fuel mixtures – Lets your bike run how it was meant.
  • No confusing computer downloads to install – Did I say this was a simple installation.
  • No expensive dyno testing required – finally a performance upgrade you can afford.
  • Pre-configured from the factory for your make and model of motorcycle, but easy to adjust should your specific application need it – How’s that for versatility?
  • Improves overall rideability – Tell me one person that wouldn’t like a smoother running machine!
  • Virtually eliminates backfiring on deceleration – Ah Decel Pop, Buh Bye!

Beneficial fuel injection management is much simpler to apply to your Metric Motorcycle with a Cobra Digital Fuel Processor from K and G Cycles ( Contact us today to wake up the sleeping giant inside your ride. It’s a new season coming on, why not meet it head on with more power.

Clearing your way with a New Windshield

   Sometimes cooler weather can bring great benefits. One of them is the ability to review the past season and the concerns that need to be addressed. Often we overlook what is right in front of us. Somehow we deal with scratches, cracks, hazing and other imperfections that plague our windshields. As you can imagine, we see hundreds of new products every year. Among them are “The New, indestructible, perfect flow Windshield” from a ton of manufacturers that claim Gold but deliver dust. In our search to bring you the best products available, we have come across a Windshield Company that delivers the goods – F4 Customs. These amazing direct replacements are now available through K and G Cycles (

F4 Goldwing windshield    Sure I could sing the praises all day long, but unless the product can stand up to its claims what good is it. For starters F4 uses Polycarbonate in the constructions of its windshields. While many competitors are using Acrylic (which is 17 times more impact resistance than glass) F4 uses Polycarbonate (delivers 30 times higher impact resistance than acrylic) a much better material to be used in a motorcycle windshield application. Another bonus of utilizing the highest optical grade polycarbonate available is in the patented proprietary process and coatings. This is what gives the F4 windshields the best rain shedding ability on the market without the use of special waxes, polish, etc. Just clean it and ride.

   Another strong selling point of the F4 product line is their windshields have the highest combination of abrasion resistance and optical clarity on the market. Though they are not advertise as scratch proof they are highly scratch resistant even when rubbed with 0000 steel wool. The difference is that the F4 Customs windshield far exceeds the FMR material and is far superior to the acrylic replacements that are on the market today. F4 Customs is the right choice when the best quality, safety, and performance are required.

F6B_tint_Sport_2_web    Many people are concerned about the amount of visual distortion found on many other windshields, and F4 has addressed this. Because of their patented manufacturing process F4 is able to form the windshield without any distortion and ultimately offer the clearest shield on the market today. Some windshield manufacturers state the shield’s distortion does not affect the quality of the ride, however when riding late at night, into the sun, in parking lots or on unfamiliar roads – seeing clearly is riding safely.

   Due to their ballistic like nature, it is often asked are their any special requirements when cleaning an F4 windshield. Surprisingly there are fewer restrictions then those found on inferior models produced by others. F4 Customs’ windshields can be cleaned using paper towels and standard glass cleaner without fear of scratching or damaging it. No longer do you have to live in fear of using the wrong rags and chemicals. That’s right, the infamous X’s (Windex® and Rain-X®), are no longer off limits!

   “OK, if this windshield is so good what kind of warranty does it come with?” you ask? F4 Customs offers a 4 year limited warranty on their windshields against breakage, hazing, discoloration or delamination. All of F4′s shields are warranted in full for a period of 2 years from the purchase date, and prorated for the following 2 years. F4 Customs does not warrant the windshield against scratches as they cannot control the care of the windshield. For peace of mind, all F4 Customs windshields are shipped with a protective layer on each side of the windshield and care is taken to minimize any shipping damage.

   When you purchase an F4 custom windshield from K and G Cycles ( you are getting a windshield made to handle almost everything the road throws at you. Don’t forget you also get an industry best 2 year warranty. Contact us today to see what your options.

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