Rockin Down the Highway with a new Sound System

   How often were you cruisin’ along your favorite stretch of blacktop and desired some tunes to loosen you up? The problem is, you know you aren’t ready for a touring bike just yet and that seems to be the only bikes that come with radios. What do you do? You turn to your friends at K and G Cycles (, because they have just what you’ve been looking for with the handlebar mount Waterproof Sound System.

   This set up performs as good as it looks. Having listened to customer feedback, concerns, and compliments, this system was recently updated. This mobile audio package (Part # BBP-13-250A)  is big on features and sound, yet small on price. At the heart of the system you will find a waterproof 40 Watt amplifier that provides the driving forces that push the 2 1/2″ chrome pod speakers. These speakers are capable of providing sound quality often unmatched, even by the more expensive competitors systems running bigger speakers. Those bigger speakers don’t blend in as well either. Utilizing a universal 3.5mm connection, this package is compatible with iPods, MP3 players, MP4 players, portable CD players, and even Satellite Radio Systems.

 Speaker system BBP-13-250AImprovements and Features – Part # BBP-13-250A:

  • Having listened to customer concerns, the Mirror Mounts were redesigned, virtually eliminating the vibration seen on previous models. This means no “Bobble Head” effect riding down the road.
  • What good is a system if its weakest links are it’s mounting system? The Handlebar Mounts underwent a redesign and were turned into saddle clamps. This offers far superior support and makes the universal fit on 7/8″ and 1″ bars possible.
  • The rugged 2 1/2″ chrome plated, waterproof speakers are designed to handle the toughest elements while delivering impressive sound quality usually reserved for more expensive units.
  • The powerful 40 Watt amplifier is waterproof and delivers plenty of power to keep you in the groove the whole time.
  • A glove friendly volume control with 3.5mm source connection means no matter what the weather operation is a breeze.
  • System Flexibility allows any source device having a universal 3.5mm speaker plug to be connected to this system. Such device may include, but are not limited to an iPod, an MP3 player, a Portable CD player, Satellite Radio, phone or audio device outfitted with the common headphone connection port.
  • Affordability – Comparable systems cost more than twice the amount of this package and deliver inferior quality sound and finish..

   They say good things come in small packages and this Sound System is living proof. Available now, this amazing Waterproof Sound System (Part#BBP-13-250A) is ready to ship to you today, just call your friends at K and G Cycles ( and you’ll no longer have to travel the Lonesome Road.

More Lights mean more ways to Control Them

   We all know rolling light shows are becoming the norm in the Motorcycle Show Circuit. The problem is, how do you wire all those switches and have it look good? K and G Cycles ( knows, but unless you ask nicely, we won’t tell. Just kidding! We carry triple switch blocks that mount to either your front brake master cylinder or to your hydraulic clutch reservoir. This keeps your switches within reach and your eyes on the road. These Switch Boxes are available in either Chrome or Black.

   3-pot-switch-box   Part # BBP-52-605A (Chrome Brake Side) Part # BBP-52-605LA (Chrome Clutch Side) are LED switch block assemblies that incorporate 3 rocker style switches with bright amber LED’s. The Switch Boxes mount on either the brake side of the bike or the clutch side and will easily control auxiliary, driving, fog, or marker lights on most Cruisers or Gold Wings. The Switch Block Assembly fits seamlessly for an integrated OEM look. With each reservoir mounted switch box being able to control up to 3 separate items, why not double up and get both the brake and clutch sides so your accessory capability can double. I mean let’s face it, if you are, you may as well go all in. What’s the saying, “Go big or go home!”? Now for all you Sinister, Chrome Hatin’ riders that still love to shed a little light on the subject, we have the same switch boxes but in your favorite color – BLACK! Since I was nice and shared the part #’s with the Chrome Lovers, I will do the same for you. Part# BBP-52-705MA is for the Brake Side, and Part # BBP-52-705LMA is for the Clutch side of the bike.

   So you see it doesn’t matter what your prefer Chrome or Black, you can control up to 6 switched components when you purchase both the brake and clutch switch boxes. A clean look for all the wiring and centrally located switches give you a professional look for your light show. Contact K and G Cycles ( today, and get your wiring mess under control.

Don’t forget about the New Accessories for your Spyder

Well it looks like its happened again. More parts for your Can Am Spyder have hit the market. As we’ve said all along, K and G Cycles ( will keep you informed as parts become available for the beast. Well, here we are again. This time with a replacement windshield.

BBP-20-400 can am windshield     The ideal replacement windshield for the Can-Am Spyder RT has finally made it! After countless hours analyzing the riders air envelope, it was determined that a windshield that is 4 ½” wider than OEM unit, provided the rider with the best comfort zone. To decrease the known turbulence behind the windshield it was determined a design that incorporated unique anti-buffet vents to smooth out the turbulence and reduce noise. To ensure longevity this new windshield (P# BBP-20-400) is made from clear 5/32” DOT acrylic for strength and durability. This replacement windshield for Spyders is an affordable improvement over the OEM version.

  • Fits 2010 and later Can Am Spyder RT Models
  • 4 1/2″ Wider than stock
  • Made from DOT approved clear acrylic 5/32” thick acrylic
  • Features Anti-buffeting vents to reduce turbulence as well as noise
  • Improves rider comfort by reducing air pressures applied to the rider

We are excited to bring you more products for your Can Am and will continue to do so in the future as they become available. Some may be for Show, some may be for Go, some may increase rider comfort (like this replacement windshield P# BBP-20-400), and some may be for convenience. Whatever you are looking for your Spyder, if someone makes it you can guarantee K and G Cycles ( will have it at the lowest possible price.

Instant Protection found in Tour Masters Over Pant

   It seems we often go in search of new gear after we’ve been in a spot we could have used it. With Fall Rainstorms a very real concern, we need to make sure we are prepared to handle them as we ride. K and G Cycles (, in conjunction with Tour Master, present to you, the Ladies Waterproof Over Pant. Full of amenities and lightweight, these pants are so much more than Rain Gear. Since you more than likely already have a jacket that is weather proof, adding a pair of pants to your arsenal is as easy as choosing your size.

water proof over pant HH-8719-0105-73   The folks at Tout Master have produced some amazing riding gear in their history so it should be of no surprise they have upped the ante’ when it came to waterproof riding pants. The Over Pant is full of many of the same features they build into much of the other gear. This means you are getting a well designed, fully capable product that delivers high-quality form and function. Take a look at all you get when you purchase the Over Pant:

  •  Constructed with a 600 Denier Carbolex® Plus shell and 1680 Denier Ballistic polyester knee panels = Tough as nails construction
  • Over Pant designed to be worn over street clothes – You can still be comfortable and have the protection you desire
  • Rainguard® waterproof/breathable barrier – Keeps you dry without making you sweat
  • Phoslite® reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility – Anything we can do to help others see us is a bonus
  • Waterproof zippered thigh vents provide ventilation – keepin’ it cool the whole way
  • Double-stitched construction throughout – this means the weak points have been fortified
  • Dual-elastic panel waistband with adjustable waist belts – provides a custom fit no matter what your build
  • Waterproof, accordion-style expansion panels at the rear waist and above knees for increased flexibility – non-binding joints mean better comfort levels
  • Two zippered hand pockets – style and function that allows you easy access to smaller items you need at the ready
  • Removable CE-approved knee armor with Tour Master’s Three Position Knee Armor Alignment system as well as removable soft hip armor – top notch protection abound
  • Full length, waterproof side entry leg zippers and zippered side entry allow for ease of dressing – easy on easy off design built to keep water out
  • Features 8″ pant/jacket zipper attachment with the jacket sides included – easily converts your pants and jacket to a riding suit

Tour Master knows what riders want and makes the products to meet these demands. K and G Cycles ( makes them available to you. Value, quality, performance, style, these are a few reasons riders choose Tour Master products for their riding gear choices. You too can have top notch riding gear for the seasons when you choose The Over Pant from Tour Master.

Cold Weather Gear Not just for Riding

   Motorcycle riders know the farther out of the season we ride, the cooler temperatures we encounter. If we choose to ride then, it usually has us bulking up with multiple layers or with heavy riding gear. Well, things are about to change for the better. There is a company out there that must have quite a few motorcycle riders and be based in an area where there are actually 4 seasons. Mobile Warming is that company, and they have developed a cutting edge line of light weight heated gear suited for any outdoor activity where decreased temperatures and personal warmth are a concern. K and G Cycles ( is proud to bring you this technologically advance heated gear that is sure to make the outdoors more comfortable.

   Mobile Warming was designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. The range of applications is wide-spread including skiing, hunting, hiking, fishing, motorcycling and just everyday use. The breakthrough technology gives unprecedented heating and warmth for an entire day at the touch of a button. These units exceed the heat transmitted by any other form of insulation available in outerwear today. Mobile Warming is committed to continuing to provide the customers with the best quality, best priced and best performance heated products on the market.

Mobile warming HH-7109-1105-73  The model I want to present today is the Men’s Classic Heated Soft Shell Jacket from Mobile Warming Part # HH-7109-1105-04 available in sizes ranging from Small to 2XLT. This battery heated Soft-shell Jacket includes one 7.4V 2.2 Ah Lithium-ion battery and a home charger for your convenience. The classic battery operated heated soft-shell jacket gives you ultimate flexibility and breathability all the while the fabric maintains its water-resistance features. Unique to these jackets is 3 heating panels placed on the front and back along with a multi-level heat adjusting battery designed to keep you warm for up to 10 hours. The lightweight construction makes it great for riding because it goes on easily under your favorite jacket.

   When it comes to riding comfortably into cooler weather, you need to consider a heated jacket or vest from Mobile Warming. Originally designed for the outdoor enthusiast, but quickly adapted to the Motorsports Market due to the light weight construction and wireless approach. K and G Cycles ( is your source for this amazingly versatile outerwear that will comfortably take you in to the 4th Season.

A Better Way to Light up The Night

At some point in our riding career, we will replace the headlights on our motorcycles and scratch our heads as to which ones to install. Do we stick with the OEM replacement unit? Do we upgrade to a Plasma or HID light? We even have to consider an LED replacement these days. At K and G Cycles ( our goal is to provide you the best value for your hard earned dollar and sometimes that means searching all over the place to do so. Well, in our travels we have found an affordable priced LED headlight replacement bulb for your Honda Gold Wing GL1500.

BBP-10-105 LED Replacement Bulb    If you want the brilliance and clarity of LED lighting but the price of it scares you away, we have the solution. Part # BBP-10-105 is a condenser style constant current LED bulb that is a direct replacement for the standard H4 bulb found on GL1500s (1988-1997) Headlights. This bulb features 16 high capacity 5 watt LEDs circling this new H4 replacement as well as a condenser lens to greatly enhance the brightness. This is truly an exceptional 80 watt LED bulb. Designed to fit GL1500 Gold Wings 1988-97, this will work as a replacement for any other H4 application. With a price tag under $60 this should be an easy decision.

BBP-10-104_1_LED Replacement Bulb     Now if we the replaced the center light and left the outer ones alone, we wouldn’t be doing much good. Have no fear, we have LED replacements for the outer lights too. A condenser lens constant current LED bulb (Part # BBP-10-104) replaces the standard GE # 192-T 3 ¼ wedge base 5 watt position light bulb as used on the GL1500 Gold Wing front lighting system. This custom designed LED bulb has (5) 5 watt condenser lensed LED’s that come together to give you a whopping 25 watts, all in an LED bulb measuring only 32mm (1¼”) long. This condenser lens LED fits directly into the OEM outer light position sockets on all years of the GL1500 Gold Wing (1988-2000). Since they are sold as a single unit, 2 are required for the GL1500. These bulbs also fit as replacements for most other uses of T 3 ¼ wedge bulbs. For less than $25 each, you can increase your visual footprint dramatically and still stay within your budget.

   Updating your lighting shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With LED bulb replacements from K and G Cycles ( you can get the job done for around $100. Increasing your safety by installing cleaner, brighter lights has never been closer than it is right now. Shop on over and get ready yo see a whole new light when it comes to your motorcycle.

Adding a Luggage Rack just got Easier

   At some time during our motorcycling careers when we must choose between Sport and Touring. Thankfully the manufacturers decided there needed to be a Sport Touring class and many of us dove in head first. Though we love this unique class of motorcycles, we often find the ability to carry luggage was the sacrifice. With the tour packs gone, the saddlebags are our only refuge to carry our cargo or luggage. For the owners of the Honda Gold Wing F6B, K and G Cycles ( has found an great solution for your Sport Touring woes. We discovered a good looking luggage rack capable of the big loads, but sleek enough to blend into the smooth lines of the bike.

F6B smoke rack BBP-52-830SK   This rack (Part # BBP-52-830SK) is custom designed to match the graceful lines of the F6B and mounts with either the OEM mount kit or K and G Cycles Part # BBP-52-830M. This mount is used to mount either the rack or backrest or both. If you have the OEM mount in place, the accessory mount is not required. To give equal opportunity to all of our customers, this Luggage Rack is available in either Show Chrome Accessories bright chrome or their exclusive Dark Smoke Chrome finish. Measuring a generous 18-¾” x 12”(approximately 6-½” wider and 2” longer than OEM) this rack accommodates large luggage tour bags with ease. (This includes Part # BBP-4-603 and BBP-H50-106BK Tour Rack Luggage Bags.) Even when it isn’t loaded, this luggage rack is a welcome fixture to any F6B.

   As accessory pieces trickle in for this fairly new motorcycle from Honda, we will keep you up to date so you can have it all for your ride. Adding accessories to your motorcycle should be a great experience that turns into a better one when that accessory ends up being functional as well. When it comes time to personalize your F6B with form and function, turn to K and G Cycles ( for all your accessory needs.

Adding Chrome to Our Bike to Finish it Off

As the riding days start to shorten, we tend to have a chance to pick over the bike and discover where it’s missing Chrome. We may even remember a bike we saw over the summer and some chrome it had. Have you said to yourself, “My bike lacks a certain finished look? We know exactly what you are talking about because we’ve been there ourselves. Well the Motorcycle Enthusiasts that make up the Team here at K and G Cycles ( have the cure for what ails you – Decorative Show Caps.

Bolt-Caps-BBP-3-50-10   These mirror like chrome caps are designed to protect and conceal unsightly exposed fasteners and have a beautiful show quality finish. Designed to be quick fitting caps and washers easily snap together  creating a corrosion-proof seal. these caps are sure to put the icing on the cake of your motorcycle customization. Available in a wide range of sizes and applications covering 1/4″, 3/8″, 5/16″ and the Metric numbers too. Pivot Bolt Covers and Head Bolt Covers, Allen Bolt caps, and more, allowing you to achieve the desired look you’ve been after.  To streamline the process, there are even complete kits available for those wanting to knock out the entire bike in one sitting. Now, a word of warning – Due to irregularities in cap or bolt production, you may find a dab of Silicone Sealant will need to be applied for lasting adhesion on some of the covers while others will be as snug as a bug in a rug.

   The off season is the perfect time to assess what bolts will require covers and which ones won’t.  A complete, finished look is not far away when you install some Decorative Show Chrome Caps on your motorcycle. All the accessories in the world can’t make your bike look it’s best if your nuts and bolts are chalky or rusted. Until you add Decorative Show Chrome Caps, your ride is just like every other bike out there. Make your ride the standard by which all others are judged. Decorative Show Chrome Caps are available at K and G Cycles ( and will help you take your bike from mediocre to show stopper and finish what the factory started.

Control Your own Destiny for about $60

   Anybody that has a factory intercom system on your bike and travels with a passenger knows two of the most common used phrases are “Turn that Down!” or “Can you turn that Up!” K and G Cycles ( happily introduces a solution to this back and forth game, an inline Volume Control Module available today. Avoid conflict and ensure a peaceful ride for both.

intercom-control1   Everyone adjusts volume differently for their own desired listening levels. K and G Cycles is aware of this and the need for individual control of sound volume while riding. As both rider and passenger most often prefer to regulate their own volume rather than have to meet in the middle this control module is long overdue. After searching high and low, we have stumbled onto a 5 Pin Din Volume Control. This Plug ‘N Play module (Part # BBP-13-206) installs inline between your headset and your motorcycles factory 5 pin din connector. This easy to install module immediately gives the user control of both left and right speakers individually as well as microphone volume control. Even complete silence can be achieved if that is desired. This 3 function volume control is an ideal way to eliminate listening compromises, most assuredly avoiding needless arguments, therefore making the ride much more enjoyable for all. Due to it’s low, low price of $59.95, you can afford to give one as a Birthday gift, Pre-season gift, or just because you understand. Don’t forget to include yourself.

   When you finally decide you’ve had enough of the “Too loud, not loud enough, I can’t hear you” game, head over to K and G Cycles (www, and purchase one of these handy volume control modules today. This great little device saved my marriage. Now we ride together more often on longer, more relaxing rides.  $60 well spent in my book.

Using a Soft Touch When Trailering Your Bike

   Have you ever needed to trailer your bike somewhere and decided fishing a hook at the end of the ratchet strap through the handle bars and wiring was not the right thing to do? K and G Cycles ( has a great solution for you with Soft-Ties by Powertye. These tough straps are capable of holding 600lbs. each, are 1 ½” wide by 18” long, and are double stitched at the lap joint for added strength. These soft-tie straps allow easy access tie down points while providing protecting the bars and wiring. In addition these soft-ties keep the hooks away from your paint and chrome protecting the bikes finish. If you are looking for even more protection, Powertye offers Soft-Ties with a 9” sheepskin cover. Best of all, every set of Soft-Ties come with their own storage bag, AND a lifetime warranty.

   Having worked in a motorcycle dealership for a few years I noticed another use for Soft-ties. Many of the technicians would put them on the motorcycles prior to the bike going on the lift which made it much easier to anchor the bike to the lift. Not only did this ensure a the bike was going nowhere while on the lift, is also guaranteed the customer would not have to worry about any damage to their investment. Even if you have a lift at home to clean your bike or if you perform your own maintenance having a little extra security is never a bad thing.

Whether you need an easier, more secure way to trailer your bike, or if you are looking for a better way to anchor it to a lift  pick up some Soft-Ties by Powertye. Available at K and G Cycles(, your online source for your motorcycle trailering needs.

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