Now you can Take Your Tunes on The Road

   How often have you been cruisin’ your favorite stretch of blacktop and wanted some tunes to loosen you up? The problem is, you know you aren’t ready for a touring bike just yet and that seems to be the only bikes that come with radios. What do you do? You turn to your friends at K and G Cycles (, because they have just what you’ve been looking for with the handlebar mount Waterproof Sound System.

   This set up performs as good as it looks. Having listened to customer feedback, concerns, and compliments, this system was recently updated. This mobile audio package (Part # BBP-13-250A)  is big on features and sound, yet small on price. At the heart of the system you will find a waterproof 40 Watt amplifier that provides the driving forces that push the 2 1/2″ chrome pod speakers. These speakers are capable of providing sound quality often unmatched, even by the more expensive competitors systems running bigger speakers. Those bigger speakers don’t blend in as well either. Utilizing a universal 3.5mm connection, this package is compatible with iPods, MP3 players, MP4 players, portable CD players, and even Satellite Radio Systems.

 Speaker system BBP-13-250AImprovements and Features – Part # BBP-13-250A:

  •    Having listened to customer concerns, the Mirror Mounts were redesigned, virtually eliminating the vibration seen on previous models. This means no “Bobble Head” effect riding down the road.
  • What good is a system if its weakest links are it’s mounting system? The Handlebar Mounts underwent a redesign and were turned into saddle clamps. This offers far superior support and makes the universal fit on 7/8″ and 1″ bars possible.
  • The rugged 2 1/2″ chrome plated, waterproof speakers are designed to handle the toughest elements while delivering impressive sound quality usually reserved for more expensive units.
  • The powerful 40 Watt amplifier is waterproof and delivers plenty of power to keep you in the groove the whole time.
  • A glove friendly volume control with 3.5mm source connection means no matter what the weather operation is a breeze.
  • System Flexibility allows any source device having a universal 3.5mm speaker plug to be connected to this system. Such device may include, but are not limited to an iPod, an MP3 player, a Portable CD player, Satellite Radio, phone or audio device outfitted with the common headphone connection port.
  • Affordability – Comparable systems cost more than twice the amount of this package and deliver inferior quality sound and finish..

   They say good things come in small packages and this Sound System is living proof. Available now, this amazing Waterproof Sound System (Part#BBP-13-250A) is ready to ship to you today, just call your friends at K and G Cycles ( and you’ll no longer have to travel the Lonesome Road.

Bigger, Badder Sound From Wolo

   How many times have you wished your horn was more powerful? If only that stock one still worked! Well leave it to K and G cycles ( to come up with a solution to your concerns. Wolo, known for the original “Bad Boy” horn that woke up everything within 100 miles of the motorcycle world, has done it again! They have released a more powerful air horn that is sure to be more popular than the Bad Boy. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Big Bad Max Air Horn from Wolo in your choice of Shiny Chrome or inconspicuous Black.

 Black-Bax-Max-Wolo  Many of you will remember how the Wolo Bad Boy stormed onto the market and destroyed every single horn that dared challenge it? Well with the new season slowly emerging on the horizon, they have decided to reinvent the wheel and bring a new horn to the market, The Big Bad Max Air Horn! Following in the tradition of ear drum shattering sound found with the Bad Boy, the BBM ramps up the power output while delivering good looks. You will want to take a look at all the great features the BBM is bringing to the table.

wolo-super-horn• 1-piece design, that requires no hoses

• Installs in minutes by simply transferring the factory horn wires

to the compressor

• Produces a powerful dual tone air horn sound that is 3 times

(3X) louder than the factory horn

• The sound chamber has also been engineered to allow the user

to clean any road dirt or dust, without any special tools

• Compact in size to fit any car, truck, motorcycle and any

12-volt vehicle that wants a loud air horn sound

• 123.5 Decibels @ 2 meters

• Includes mounting bolt and 30 amp relay

   Why not make this the season of making sure they see or hear you! Installation is simple and straight forward and everything you need is supplied. The Wolo Big Bad Max is available from your friends at K and G Cycles ( in a beautiful Chrome or a subtle Black finish so it will compliment any bike you are on and no matter what level of customization you’ve reached.

Smoke a Gold Wing

   For many many moons now, owners of the famed Gold Wing and it’s recent “Custom” Step-Child The F6B, have not had a way to come to The Dark Side. K and G Cycles ( has found a manufacturer that has created a Smoke Accessory Package that lets you create the perfect Gold Wing F6B. A Limited Edition offering of 9 accessories that accentuate the F6B’s dark lines by turning the standard chrome finish into a Smoke finish.

Smoke-Kit-BBP-SPL52816SK1   The unique dark plated finish gives an illusive feeling to the chrome that adds depth and definition. Depending on the amount of available light, the Smoke look will often take on a chameleon-like effect. Its dark mirror finish is the perfect accent to the F6B and its sinister blacked out design. Smoke is initially available in a dress out package of 9 of what are considered to be the must have pieces for the F6B / GL1800. Only this time they are finished in the illusive Smoke finish:

1) Pair of Smoke Board Covers

2) Pair of Smoke Engine Covers

3) Pair of Smoke LED Saddlebag Accents

4) Pair of Smoke Battery Covers

5) Pair of Smoke Frame Covers

6) Pair of Smoke Garnish Accents

7) Pair of Smoke Fender Fillers

8) Smoke Front Fender Extension

9) Smoke LED Rear Fender Accent

Smoke-Kit-BBP-SPL52816SK2    With the F6B starting out as a great “Dark”  platform, it is no surprise someone has come up with a package to finish what the factory started.  For those of you that are still on the fence, there is no time to dawdle. This is a Limited Edition Smoke Dress Package and is expected to be available in limited quantities. For those GL1800 owners (2012 and newer) the Smoke Accessory Group for the F6B also fits your motorcycle. With Christmas quickly approaching this would make the perfect for Dad and because of its limited quantity, not everyone will have it. K and G Cycles ( is always looking to bring you the latest in motorcycle accessories so you can have a bike like no other.

Protecting Our Hands is an Important Part of Riding

   We all know the most vulnerable part of the body for those of us that ride motorcycles without fairings is without a doubt our hands. So much of the ride relies on our hands, as every aspect of it is affected by them. If our hands are cold it affects us and the ride. We know if they get hit by an airborne object it affects us. Is there a solution out there other than a fairing? There is and K and G Cycles ( is happy to pass it on to you. Wing Shield Hand Guards and Desert Digits. Hand protectors for almost every bike out there.

Desert Digits DD1000    Warm and dry equals comfortable travels! That’s exactly what Desert Digits Hand Protectors from Leader Motorcycle delivers. Desert Digits Hand Protectors are mini motorcycle fairings for your hands that attach to the motorcycles handlebars. The unique Ultra-Swivel feature allows you to optimally position them for perfect protection from the elements.  Desert Digits Hand Protectors mount to any round bar 1″ to 1.25″ in diameter. Through a patent pending design Leaders “Ultra Swivel” guards offer unlimited rotational capability. Competitors designs provide only limited rotation or only one or two plane angling. Translation – you can adjust the Desert Digits exactly where it you want them. The problem with traditional wind deflectors is that air and rain hits the surface of the deflector, bounces off it, and continues around the plate. The Result: cold, wet hands! The Desert Digits patent-pending convex shape solves this problem by actually funneling the air to the outside of the riders hands via the windshield and the Desert Digits. In addition the Desert Digits hand protectors elongated shape (6″ x 13″) provides more coverage for your hands and wrists.

Let’s face it, looks matter – but so does quality. So the Desert Digits hand protectors were manufactured with BOTH in mind. Using rugged marine-grade vinyl that looks like leather and stainless steel and chrome plated mounting hardware, it doesn’t get much better than this. Built with simplicity in mind, the Desert Digits base bracket installs in minutes with no special tools. Continuing on that idea, the cover itself is easily removed when not in use and can be stored in a saddlebag or other location. You do not have to keep them on all the time.

wingshield   Up next is Wing Shields from Brukus Motorcycle Parts. These hand guards address all of the concerns too. Wing Shields are designed to protect your hands from stones, bugs, and other road debris, as well as the cold. Made of tough Lexan polycarbonate, they are virtually unbreakable! One of the toughest transparent materials available today, Lexan is about 300 times stronger than single-strength glass, is weather-resistant, yet remains light weight! Translation – you get lightweight, transparent, virtually unbreakable protection for your hands while traveling on your motorcycle. Sure they could have stopped after giving you unmatched protection, but Brukus stepped up and shaped them to curve over the hand grips on your ride. The shape and curve gives you an aerodynamic advantage that allows the wind to flow smoothly past your hands. Wing Shields are approximately 5″ at their widest point and approximately 12″ in length. Installation is simple, they attach to your bike quickly and easily to the mirror mounts. All the necessary hardware is included and consists of either Stainless Steel or Aluminum. This should give you years of trouble free service.

   Riding around with one of our most important assets vulnerable is not the best way to travel. Get a hold of your favorite Customer Service Rep at K and G Cycles ( via internet or phone (1-888-50K-ANDG(505-2634) and pick up one of these great additions for your ride. A set of these hand guards can mean the difference of a good ride or bad ride. You won’t be sorry.

Pac-A-Derms – Another Piece of Gear for Your Ride



Cooler temps mean colder rides with a greater chance of precipitation, translation -  you just might get cold, wet feet. Do you wish there was a way that you could add warmth and protection to your bike without breaking the bank? Do you want a quick installation accessory that offers some storage too? Look no further than K and G Cycles ( for the product you’ve been waiting for, Pac-A-Derms by Hopnel. Pac-A-Derms are an affordable weather and debris resistant shields made of heavy duty marine grade vinyl and feature corrosion resistant mounting hardware that mount easily to your engine guard in mere seconds. They give you added protection with a small amount of additional storage. Pac-A-Derms wrap around the the engine guard and secure to the frame to add a great amount of protection from the elements and road debris while keeping you warmer. They even accommodate highway pegs. When not in use, Pac-A-Derms take up very little room and store quickly so if the temperature raises above the recommended range (these should not be used whens temps are above 55 degrees fahrenheit), they can be removed with no hassle. Stop by K and G Cycles (www.kandg ) and pick up your Pac-A-Derms to make your fall rides more comfortable. See fitment below.

Pac-A-Derm Metric Motocycle Fitment:

Honda VT750 Aero 2004-2007, Phantom, R/S, & Spirit C2

Honda VT1100 Sabre

Honda VTX1300 (1 piece)

Honda VTX1800 C/F

Honda VTX1800 N/R/S/T

Kawasaki VN900 Classic 2006 +; Custom 2007 +

Kawasaki VN2000

Suzuki C50/M50 2005- & VL800 2001-2004

Yamaha V Star 650 Custom/Classic 1998-2008 ( not recommended with floorboards)

Yamaha V Star 650 Custom/Classic 1998-2009

Yamaha V Star 950

Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic

Yamaha V Star 1300

Finding Your Comfort Zone with a Rider Backrest

Let’s face it, we all know the benefits of riding with a backrest, but hate the additional clunky brackets. Not to mention the loss of leg room for the passenger. K and G Cycles ( has stumbled upon a solution that will have you ordering one before you finish reading this.

F6B BBP-52-832Until now if we wanted a Rider Backrest for our Honda F6B Gold Wing, we had to engineer a solution that would allow the use of something not intended for it. Big Bike Parts has released a new “Made in the USA” Smart Mount through the seat backrest and is now available for the F6B Gold Wing. This new backrest attaches through the seat and only the backrest pad and support arm sit above the surface of the driver’s seat. This innovative design eliminates all side mounting brackets and the backrest hoop, delivering a clean look and more leg room for the rear passenger. This new system utilizes Big Bike Parts copyrighted pad hinge and adjustable tongue, thus allowing the rider to take full advantage of the 1″ range of adjustment on the pad, as well as pivoting forward or back, allowing you to stretch while riding. This kit comes with a complete set of  instructions and all the required mounting hardware. The backrest also includes a handy removable storage pouch on the backside for your small valuables.

The more miles we rack up, the more we realize that increased comfort is never a bad quest, and adding a rider backrest certainly increases comfort, but until now, came with sacrificing passenger space. K and G Cycles ( is proud to offer the new design Rider Backrest from Big Bike Parts that says “Goodbye” to the external bones and “Hello” all to the sleek lines on the Honda F6Bs. Order yours today!

Tour Master brings you The Best Riding Gear

   When we first start riding, we all do the same thing. Put on our “coolest” jeans, a wicked temperature appropriate shirt or jacket, and ride. As we rack up the miles, we begin to realize having actual riding gear can make the journeys more enjoyable. K and G Cycles ( carries a huge selection of riding gear, but today I want to focus on the Tour Master Flex line of gear. Considered to be some of the most comfortable riding gear out there.

Flex Jacket HH-8758-0305-03   Up first is the Flex Series Jacket. An all season, all weather jacket capable of staving off the elements while providing top notch protection comfortably. Designed to be as flexible as needed (hence the line name – Flex) this jacket delivers so many in demand features it is hard to look at any others. Proving to be as versatile as the rider this jacket can go from a Carbolex jacket to an Armor link Mesh jacket and back without skipping a beat. Take a look at the other great features of this premium jacket.

  • Water-resistant outer jacket incorporates waterproof zippered sleeve vents – means your as dry as a popcorn $%@* in Church on Sunday
  • 360º Phoslite® reflective piping and Tour Master’s signature reflective rear triangle help increase nighttime visibility – Adding any reflective properties is a good thing
  • Soft, durable microfiber-lined collar and cuff – for you “delicate” riders, it won’t chafe
  • Adjustable sleeve take up straps to secure elbow armor and material – keeps everything where it should be so you get the best protection
  • Removable, CE approved armor at the elbows and shoulders with an articulated triple density back protector – every once in awhile the jacket needs to be cleaned and this makes it easier
  • Tour Master’s Z.O.Q. (Zip-Out Quilted) Liner features warming 100gm polyfil insulation – when cooler temps arrive, you’ll be ready at a moments notice
  • Zippered hand pockets, internal pouch pocket and mobile media pocket – a mess of storage for everything you need at the ready
  • Adjustable waist belts with TPR pulls help to fine tune the fit – means you will be as snug as a bug in a rug
  • Includes a jacket/pant zipper attachment with the pant side included – so you can become (1) with the pants flex pant HH-87-419

flex pant HH-87-419   What a great way to start the hunt for quality gear. Tour Master has a reputation built around comfort, protection, and value. Why not let their countless years of experience go along on your next. Now I will present the corresponding riding pants. Just like the Flex Jacket, the pants have been designed to give you the utmost in comfort, protection, fit, style, and wear. Most riders will wear a riding jacket but few will wear riding pants. Many see it as an image issue, yet others feel it will increase body temps while riding. Tour Master has tackled these concerns and more with the Flex Pant. A versatile riding pant suited for year round travel aimed at delivering the best riding experience possible. Check out the details of the only riding pants you will need.

  • 600 Denier Carbolex® shell converts easily to an Armor-Link Mesh shell, and vice-versa – means you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way
  • Phoslite® reflective piping helps to increase nighttime visibility – helps other see you better
  • Heat resistant material panels line the lower inseams to help protect the pants from engine heat – built for time in the saddle
  • Thigh length side zippers allow for ease of dressing – on or off in seconds, helpful when needing to access the Little Riders Room
  • Double stitched construction throughout – built to last
  • Dual elastic panel waistband with adjustable waist belts and a 2-snap main closure – offers a fit like no other
  • Removable, CE approved knee armor with Tour Master’s exclusive 3-Position Knee Armor Alignment System as well as removable soft hip armor – delivers increased protection plus easier cleaning
  • Stretch materials in the calf, inseam and knees provide flexibility and a performance fit – a custom fit without the custom price
  • Includes Tour Master’s removable, 2-Stage Aqua-Therm® liner; the first stage is a waterproof/windproof liner, and the insulated second stage can be easily attached for additional warmth – Let’s you conquer temps from mild to wild
  • Adjustable waist belts, with TPR pulls, help to fine tune the fit – fully adjustable to the best fit for you
  • Features an 8″ pant/jacket zipper attachment with the jacket side included – keeps you together through tough times
  • Can be combined with Tour Master Flex jacket – essentially giving you a complete riding suit

   Once again, Tour Master has hit the ball out of the park with its Flex Line (Jacket and Pants). From Spring to Fall, Summer to Winter and any other season you can experience Tour Master Flex can bring you through comfortable and dry. Available from K and G Cycles ( the Flex Line has so many adjustments for finding that Goldie Locks fit, it may be awhile before you are ready for the road. Seriously though, with a fit as good as a tailor made set up and off the rack pricing, you can’t afford not to get some awesome riding gear.

With all those Lights you are gonna need more Juice

So you’ve added thecompu-fire charging system  full monty of lighted accessories to your Gold Wing and you want to make sure you you have enough juice to power it. What do you do? You could sit down, add up each accessory, figure out its electrical draw, the voltage drop and more, or you could upgrade your charging system. K and G Cycles ( is proud to offer Compu-Fire High Performance Charging Systems for Honda Gold Wing Motorcycles.

This OEM replacement system is capable of producing up to 90 amps and over 1300 watts that will easily handle even the most lavish lighting.   Here is what comes in the upgraded package from Compu-Fire:

  • 2 1/2 times the stock power!
  • Complete System Includes Gen III Battery!
  • Accessories you can NOW enjoy:
    • Heated Suits
    • High-Power Lights
    • Unlimited Running Lights
    • High-Power CB and Audio Systems
    • Heated Grips
    • Global Positioning Systems

comp-chart We are pleased to carry the 1325 WATT charging system upgrade for the 1988 through 1999 HONDA GL1500 Gold Wing motorcycles (1988 models need to use dowel pins and mounting bolts from 1989 and later model). This system is designed to exceed new motorcycle specs. The Compu-Fire charging system consists of the HD-1325 Alternator and a GEN III maintenance free battery.

Compu-Fire 90 Amp Alternator

The alternator is the latest third Generation design featuring temperature compensated voltage regulation for optimum battery performance, matched voltage output for modern maintenance free batteries, and all components are brand new (Not Re-Manufactured).

Compu-Fire Sealed Battery

The Compu-Fire sealed battery is maintenance free, operates at an average of 0.5 to 0.75 volts higher than the original and provides 40 extra cold cranking amps. Starting is now crisper, ignition is stronger and lights are brighter. Goldwing riders can now operate high power accessories with complete peace of mind and eliminate carrying extra batteries!

Maintenance Free

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology is an advanced battery design used in Maintenance Free Batteries that eliminates water loss. Once it’s filled with acid the battery is permanently sealed – so you’ll never need to fill it with water or check the acid level.

Long Life

Because of its lead calcium design, the AGM battery will hold its specific gravity more than three times longer than conventional lead antimony types. This means much longer periods between charges when the battery is used in a standby mode, like winter storage. And to remain factory-fresh the AGM battery is shipped dry along with its own pack of high-gravity acid that’s added at the time of installation. Once filled with acid from its special packs, the AGM battery is virtually maintenance free. It’s totally sealed and all of the acid is absorbed in the special plates and separators, so there is no need to worry about acid leaks on valuable vehicle parts and accessories.

Compu-Fire 150 Amp Alternator (GL1800 Applications)

  • 150 Amp Alternator – The Highest Output available for Honda GL 1800′s
  • Industry leading Temperature compensated Voltage regulation
  • Simple bolt-on construction
  • Esay installation – installation takes just minutes
  • 100% New – not a Re-manufactures unit.

So when it comes time to fortify your charging system to handle your rolling light show, contact the crew at K and G Cycles ( and pick up a high performance charging system from Compu-Fire. Not only will you decrease the demand on your electrical system, you will increase your charging system output, your regulation voltage, and your max amperage. All this combines for a more electrically reliable motorcycle that will keep you visible and show the world what you are made of.

Heated Seats Aren’t just for Autos Anymore

   Have you been looking to upgrade your standard motorcycle seat, to a heated motorcycle seat but don’t have the extra cash?  If you are able to run a staple gun, you can install Heat Demon Seat Warmers for much less than purchasing a new heated seat from your local dealer. K and G Cycles ( has just what you need, and our very own Operations Manager chronicled the install for you.

   When the temperature drops, are you going to go home, or will you keep riding? Put a little heat in your seat and enjoy the riding season long after most other riders have called it quits. Heat Demon Motorcycle Seat Heaters offer an innovative warm seat experience for the riders who just refuse to quit. The universal fit carbon fiber seat heaters install easily on any bike, providing comfort and warmth for riders of all bikes.

    For reference, all photos will be used while installing the Heat Demon’s on a 2008 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic motorcycle.

Note: Heater is designed to be installed beneath the vinyl/leather cover of the seat.

Heat Demon Specifications:

    • 20 Watt carbon fiber heating element

    • Increases riding safety and comfort

• Ultra thin and flexible

• Fast warm-up

• Easy to install

Tools that you will need for this installation :

•  Small tipped flat screw driver

•  Long nosed pliers

•  Staple Gun

•  3/8” Drill Bit

•  13/16” Drill Bit

•  Razor blade

•  Black sharpie

Additional Items you may want to purchase:

• 1 – Two wire wiring harness that have quick disconnects

• Inline fuse

Step 1:staple-pulling  To get started you will need to remove your motorcycle seat.  I would recommend that you connect the wiring harness to the battery first so that you can test the Heat Demons prior to installation.   Your Heat Demon’s should have come with installation instructions, and the wiring diagram for the seat heaters.  You can see Step 10 for wiring steps.  I have also included the wiring diagram below in Step 10 for your over view of the wiring layout.

Step 2: Turn the motorcycle seat over to start the staple removal process.  It is best not to remove all of the staples at one time.  Using a small tipped flat screw driver, wedge it under the staples and slowly apply pressure.  This should allow you to ease the staple from the seat and the leather.  If you need additional help once the staple has been pulled halfway from the seat use long nosed pliers to complete the removal from the seat.  I do not recommend only using the long nosed pliers, as this may cause damage to the leather.

Step 3:large seat foam Now that you have removed the staples from the leather/Vinyl on the front of the seat, you should then be able to flip the seat over in the upright position and pull the leather back towards the backside of the seat.(See the examples below.) This should expose the foam of the seat.  Once you have the foam exposed look it over to ensure there are no defects or problems with the foam.  Also if the foam has a clear plastic liner between it and the leather, remove the plastic from the seat.

Step 4: To insure that you have 100% working heaters prior to full installation I recommend that you test these heaters first prior to mounting them to the foam of the seat.  It is far better to discover you have a problem with the heaters now, then discover there is problem after you have already reassembled the seat.

Step 5: Once you know the heat pad does heat up, it is now time to install it on to the foam seat. You now need to consider where you want to mount the heat pad, as well as how you are planning on routing the wires. This is important so they are not visible once you place the leather seat cover back over the top of the foam.  Once you’ve selected the route you want to run the wiring, slowly remove the 3M sticker off the back of the heat pad.  Once the backing has been removed, place the heat pad (sticky side down) in the area that you would like to have heated.   Make sure to press down on the heater to insure good adhesion between the seat and the seat heater.  Note: A thin layer of foam may be placed over the top of the heater to reduce the visibility of the heater through the seat cover.  Make sure to route the wires for the heat pad to the bottom side of the seat.

Note: Removing the foam and drilling a small hole through the bottom of the seat may make installation easier.

Once the wires have bdouble-heateen routed so they will not show once the leather is placed back into position, you will need to ensure that the heat pad is flat against the foam.  Next pull the leather cover back down into position, covering the seat foam. Once the leather has been pulled tight against the foam, this would be a good time to install 4-5 staples into the front section of the leather on the seat. However you do not want to put any staples within 6 inches of the area where you plan on installing the rocker switches.

Now that the front section of the seat is complete, it is time to prepare to insert the heaters for the passenger section of the seat.  If you do not wish to install passenger heat pads, please go to Step 7:

Step 6: Next turn the seat over, and remove the staples for the passenger section of the seat. Again, I would suggest removing these staples with a flathead screw driver, and if needed use a pair of long nose pliers.

After you have removed all of the old staples from the seat, you now need to pull the leather seat cover back to expose the foam for the passenger seat.   If this section of the seat has a thin piece of clear plastic, I recommend removing the plastic to only leave the foam section of the seat showing.

Step 7: Once you know that the heat pad does heat up it’s time to install the Heat Demon for the passenger section of your seat.  Making sure the foam on the seat is clean of dirt.  Now determine where the passenger normally sits on the seat, as well a route for the wires from the heating element through the seat to the bottom side of the finished seat. Again, it is best to conceal the wire so it doesn’t show once you place the leather of the seat back over it.  This will eliminate any visible creases from the wire.  Once you’ve selected the route you want to run the wiring, slowly remove the 3M sticker from the back of the heat pad. Once the backing has been removed, place the heat pad (sticky side down) in the area that you would like to have heated. Route the wires for the heat pad to the bottom side of the seat.

Once you are satisfied with the positioning of wires and heaters, pull the leather back into place.  At this stage you do not want to install any more staples until the remaining steps completed.

Step 8:switch marking You are now ready to prepare the foam and cut the hole in the foam that will house the control switches for the Heat Demons. The standard position for motorcycle heated seat switches is normally on the left side, or port side of the motorcycle seat. For myself I found the easiest way mark the area to be cut, was to place the switch in the desired area and with a sharpie marker draw a line around the outside of the switch. This provided me a good reference point to use during the cutting process of the foam.

Step 9:drilling photos Now that you have the area marked where you want to mount the switch, it is time to cut the hole out of the seat foam. Take a sharp razor knife to cut out the holes, I would suggest cutting the hole slightly smaller than the inside of the circle you’ve marked for the switches. This way it will fit snug in the hole and it will not slide out easily. You can always remove a little more foam if you’ve not cut out enough.

After confirming the switch fits securely in the newly cut holes, it is time to make the hole in the leather. Once you have the leather pulled back over the foam, you should be able to rub your finger over the hole for the switch. This should allow you to see an outline of the area. I found by taking a black sharpie and placing a dot in the center of the hole to use as a guide, I know where to begin to cut through the leather for the seat.

Once you have selected the best location for the seat switches, we will now need to drill a hole for each switch.  I first used a 3/8” drill bit for a small pilot hole. The purpose of this hole is to route the wires through the foam to feed the switch, and through the metal or plastic seat pan.  After the pilot hole has been drilled you now need to drill the actual hole for the switch, you will need a 13/16” drill bit.  Prior to drilling the 13/16” hole, you need to make sure to have a small gap between the two switches. It is recommended there be at least ½” between the final cut outs. Unless you follow this suggestion, the two holes will be one large opening and will not allow the switches to have a secure mount..

Once you have the hole(s) cut, it’s time to install the switches and hook up the wires.  Just make sure to follow the wiring diagram provided by the manufacturer.  As well I have provided a wiring diagram in Step 10 for your reference.

Step 10:switches We now need to connect the wire harness to the battery. If you have already installed the wiring harness from the previous instructions, then skip this section.

For added protection, I would suggest an inline fuse for the + positive (red) side of the battery.  Place a ring terminal end on the side of your inline fuse that will be mounted to the positive post of the battery.  For the other end of the inline fuse I would suggest a butt splice, or solder and heat shrink the ends together .

Next on the black negative wire, place another ring terminal end on one side, and a butt splice on the other, that will connect to the black wire on your wire harness.  Once you have both wires completed, connect them to the motorcycle’s battery. Make sure you do not have the harness connected to the motorcycle seat at this time.

*Now that the wire harness is cowiring diagramnnected to the battery, this would be a great opportunity to verify that all other connections for the seat are working properly.  Place the seat on your motorcycle, and plug it into the harness and test to make sure that both switches are turning the Heat Demons on and off.

Once you know the heater(s) are working, remove the seat from the motorcycle.  And turn it over and while keeping the leather pulled tight, using a staple gun install the staples to your seat.

   Now that you have installed all of the staples back into the seat, take the seat back to your motorcycle, hook up the harness from the seat to the battery, and mount the seat normally to your motorcycle. Test one last time to verify that both switches and Heat Demons are working properly.

 This product is available through K and G Cycles ( along with other heated items such as gloves, jackets and even foot warmers. Get ready for cooler weather now!

The Safe Way to Bring your Gear to The Range

With personal protection and sport shooting becoming more and more mainstream than ever, it is important to have range time. Since we all like to ride, and will do so any chance we get, it can be a little difficult to transport our firearms and accessories to the range. That is until now. K and G Cycles ( has the gear to make safe passage possible. The Range Saddlebag Insert. This Saddlebag Insert is designed to capably carry your guns, ammunition, safety glasses, and any other shooting accessories you need for a day at the range.

BBP-HRSB-L_3_Range Saddlebag Tray-Out   This is a great way to pack your firearms for a trip to the range. We have gone far too long without one that is the right size to fit your motorcycle saddlebags. The Deluxe Range Saddlebag is a padded range bag that protects your firearm or firearms and gear while fitting into your motorcycle saddlebags. Made from durable weather resistant polyester its large 21” x 12” x 7 ½” size has 13 compartments to store, stash and hold your gear. It includes convenient access to 7 magazine slots in the outside compartment, and two adjustable dividers and a padded removable tote in the main compartment. Easy double-sided zipper pull allows quick access revealing more storage for your glasses, ear plugs,chokes and more. The mesh end pocket is great for a water bottle. Designed for large saddlebags. Fits Honda Gold Wing, etc.

   When you want to transport your firearms and the shooting accessories you need to the range safely, you need the Range Saddlebag from K and G Cycles (www, Designed to fit in most touring saddlebags, you will wonder how you lived without this. Pick one up for yourself or give one as a gift to a friend.

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