Keep Your Electronics Safe and Dry

So you picked out the perfect Cruiser, added Chrome, changed the exhaust, even had it pinstriped, but it still lacks something. Oh yeah, storage! Unless you get one of the big Touring bikes, storage or lack of Storage is something all bikes have in common. On our quest to bring you all the goods to make your bike the best that it can be, K and G Cycles found something new from Hopnel. A handlebar mounted storage pouch that offers a universal fit on almost any motorcycle.

BBP-H50-02BKC Univ Hbar Pouch      Legendary Sewn Products Manufacturer Hopnel has done it again with the latest addition to their line up. The universal fit handlebar pouch, another must have storage pouch system  This Handlebar Pouch measures a generous 8” x 4” x 2” and includes Hopnel’s “digital buddy” clear cellphone pocket system. This cellphone pocket measures 7” x 4” and will accommodate cellphones, MP3 or other devices and loads from the inside of the sleeve keeping Mother Nature out while keeping your devices dry. The clear window also allows for touch screen device operation to insure you retain full capability of your electronics gear you stow in the “Digital Buddy”. For a longer life expectancy, the Clear UV stabilized surface allows easy screen reading and will hold up in the toughest environments.  Installation is a breeze with the 4 adjustable straps that allow this handlebar pouch to be easily attached to most non – fairing motorcycles. How’s that for a design that is made for an often forgotten group of riders.

   Hopnel understands there are more riders out there than the Touring crowd and has stepped up to the plate for then. They also understand that with limited space, most storage items need to pull double duty. Designed with that in mind, this universal mount handlebar pouch offers riders a special pocket for your electronics devices that not only allow you to view them, but operate them as well. Head over to our online store and see this and all of the other great products from Hopnel.

A Double Duty Windshield

Have you ever wanted more wind in your face? Have you ever wanted less wind in your face? What if you could compromise and have both? You’d probably think it was a joke right? Well K and G Cycles has found a manufacturer that has a windshield that delivers on both without having to have two different windshields. The Adjustable Flip Windshield offers dual height configurations that can be change with relative ease wherever you may be.

   flip windshield 2The unique Flip Adjustable Windshield is actually a two part windshield that is made from DOT approved, aircraft quality Lucite Acrylic that is 3/16″ thick. The lower section is dark smoke while the flip portion is clear. The upper portion is designed to be flipped in seconds from its hiding spot located behind the lower portion of the windshield. When raised to its extended position above the lower portion increasing the overall height. BBP-20-128 is available for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing and goes from 9-1/2” to 21-1/4” in a matter of seconds. Each windshield comes with two sets of hardware, use the quick release thumb screws or blind mount allen head cap bolts.

flip windshield BBP-20-128   We also have models available for 1988-2000 GL1500 Gold Wing models with coverage ranging from 10.5″ – 21.5″ (BBP-20-125) and also for 2009 + Kawasaki VN 1700 Vaquero/Voyager that ranges in height from 8″ to 12.5″ (BBP-20-120). With the addition of one of these “Flip Windshields” you will experience 2 different bike. One that lets you cruise around town, wind in your face on bike with a low profile stance. The other is the one you would want on an extended ride or trip that offers greater protection. The best part is you can make the switch to either one in the blink of an eye. To see more, head over to K and G Cycles and check ‘em out.

Turn That Bike into A Touring Model

metric tour pack RIDE-TPWRBS3   As riders, we all know every motorcycle has one horrible problem – the common lack of storage. In the hunt for innovative products, we have discovered a company that is producing Tour Packs for your Metric bike. K and G Cycles is proud to offer you storage options that will increase the utility of your ride. This large premium locking motorcycle trunk comes with a Chrome top rack, Deluxe wrap around passenger backrest and even an LED lighted spoiler. This is a great trunk for any mid size cruiser. It’s great for Honda (VTX, Shadow, Valkyrie), Kawasaki (Vulcan), Suzuki (Boulevard, Marauder, Intruder),  and Yamaha (V Star, Road Star, Stratoliner), motorcycles.

metric tour pak RIDE-TPWRBSThis trunk offers an enormous amount of storage that is capable of stowing (2) full face helmets inside. For your convenience and security, the trunk is key lockable and features a full length weather seal to keep the elements out and your belongings safe! This Tour Pack package also includes an upgraded wrap around backrest that provides additional comfort and stability for your passenger. It also comes with a chrome luggage rack that allows for additional tie down carrying capacity. Plus you get a slim line spoiler packed full of eye catching LED lights. These lights can be wired as a run/brake combo for increased visibility as well as safety. The trunk package also includes a universal mounting plate with screws, grommets, nuts and washers, everything you require to mount it on an 8×8” or larger flat luggage rack or plate (not included). Drilling may be required depending on the luggage rack/plate style.

So you see, adding a Tour Pack to your Metric cruiser and gaining a ton of space is much simpler than you imagined. Your friends at K and G Cycles can help you with everything you need to expand your cargo carrying capability. All you have to do is contact them.

  •  Overall Dimensions: 12″ High x 17″ Deep x 22.5″ Wide.

The Sinister Side of The Gold Wing

At some point during our motorcycling careers we must make a choice between Sport and Touring. Thankfully the manufacturers decided there needed to be a Sport Touring class and many of us dove in head first. Though we love this unique class of motorcycles, we often find the ability to carry luggage was the sacrifice. With the tour packs gone, the saddlebags are our only refuge to carry our cargo or luggage. For the owners of the Honda Gold Wing F6B, K and G Cycles has found an great solution for your Sport Touring woes. We discovered a good looking luggage rack capable of the big loads, but sleek enough to blend into the smooth lines of the bike.

F6B smoke rack BBP-52-830SK   This rack (Part # BBP-52-830SK) is custom designed to match the graceful lines of the F6B and mounts with either the OEM mount kit or K and G Cycles Part # BBP-52-830M. This mount is used to mount either the rack or backrest or both. If you have the OEM mount in place, the accessory mount is not required. To give equal opportunity to all of our customers, this Luggage Rack is available in either Show Chrome Accessories bright chrome or their exclusive Dark Smoke Chrome finish. Measuring a generous 18-¾” x 12”(approximately 6-½” wider and 2” longer than OEM) this rack accommodates large luggage tour bags with ease. (This includes Part # BBP-4-603 and BBP-H50-106BK Tour Rack Luggage Bags.) Even when it isn’t loaded, this luggage rack is a welcome fixture to any F6B.

   As accessory pieces trickle in for this fairly new motorcycle from Honda, we will keep you up to date so you can have it all for your ride. Adding accessories to your motorcycle should be a great experience that turns into a better one when that accessory ends up being functional as well. When it comes time to personalize your F6B with form and function, turn to K and G Cycles for all your accessory needs.

Condor Keeps It Upright

What comes to mind when you hear the word Condor? A bird driven to the brink of extinction? A crazy flying ride at an amusement park north of Chicago? Neither, the Condor I am referring to is a motorcycle wheel chock manufacturer that rocks! The Condor that enters my mind is the company that makes everything you need to store or trailer you motorcycle safely. K and G Cycles is your one stop shop for everything you need from Condor.

condor PS1500   The Pit Stop from Condor (CNDR-PSTK-6400) is a fully adjustable wheel chock that is designed to accept a broad range of tires that range from 14″-22″ tall, with widths that range from 80mm wide to a whopping 230mm wide. Because of it’s flexibility, this also allows the bike to be loaded forwards or backwards in the chock. Knowing the Pit Stop would have a large range of users, it can be used on many surfaces such as concrete, dirt, pavement, sand, and even gravel, as well as trailers and pick up beds. This monster can handle just about any bike you want to keep in place up to 3000 lbs. yet it weighs in at a scant 21lbs. To keep impressing you, when it’s not in use it folds down for easy storage. In addition, Condor offers a full line of accessories to securely attach the Pit Stop to any trailer or truck bed keeping your bike safe, stable, and secure.

When you need the most versatile wheel chock on the market, make sure you take a look at the Condor Pit Stop. Quality and convenience is what you get when you order up The Pit Stop from K and G Cycles. Transporting your motorcycle from here to eternity has never been easier, especially when you take a Pit Stop. Wheel Chocks for all occasions.

Potable Shade for Your Ride

Can you even begin to count the times you have ridden somewhere, parked your bike, only to come back and scorch your buns? How many times have you detailed your bike, gone to dinner, had to park under a tree and come back to dreadful results? There is a solution to these problems and it can be found at K and G Cycles, The Cycle Shade Motorcycle Cover.

goldwing cycle shade   The manufacturer of Cycle Shade saw a need to address common concerns felt by the motorcycle community. Protecting your bike from sun damage, moisture, morning dew, bird droppings and tree sap is a constant battle. Sure you could carry a full size cover with you, but that is bulky and takes up a lot of storage space. Not to mentions the time it takes to install it, especially if it doesn’t have the heat panels on it. Engineered to deliver the protection you want in the most convenient package available. Take a look at these features:

*Engineered for easy on/easy off applications. Cycle Shade can be installed or removed in a very short time.

*Can be installed immediately after riding. Because no part of Cycle Shade touches any part of the motorcycle that is hot, there is no wait time for installation.

*Stows in its own attached pouch. There is no special way to insert the Cycle Shade into the bag, you just stuff it and go!

*By selecting a high quality lightweight polyester material, a happy coincidence is its water resistant capability. This is great when having to park your bike outside. The morning  dew and moderate rains showers will not harm your bike.

*Keeping simplicity at the forefront, Cycles Shade is attached using heavy duty bungee’s that have been looped at the ends.

*When it is installed, it will help deter people wanting to sit on or climb aboard. Sort of like a security system in a bag.

*Keeps harmful UV rays from damaging seats and finishes.

*Offers a layer of protection from Tree sap, Pollen, Bird Droppings, and other animal effects.

*Available in the Standard Black or customizable with one of the numerous logos available.

*Available in different sizes and coverage amounts.

can am cycle shade   Cycle Shade is one accessory you want to arm yourself with. Providing protection for your bike while you are on the road. Lightweight, compact, and simple to use, Cycle Shade is a must have for any biker. Contact K and G Cycles today and discover the easiest way to protect your bike from the Sun, Rain, Tree Goo, Animal Droppings and more. I can personally speak of the benefits of a Cycle Shade as I have one for my personal bike. I have used it in a wide range of weather conditions and have been very pleased with the results.

More Power From A Smaller Battery

This time of year is when we play the lottery with our bikes. That battery has been in there for awhile, will it start the bike? We try to do everything we can to keep it alive just a little bit longer.  Being a key component that is  often overlooked until it fails, the battery is a tricky component.  OEM batteries tend to last anywhere from 1-2 year to about 5 years, the latter results require stringent monitoring and cycle charges. K and G Cycles is proud to offer you a replacement battery that will have you wondering why manufacturers aren’t using these from the start – EarthX Lithium Batteries.

   earthx in the boxEarthX batteries are designed to be a drop-in replacement of a standard 12 volt lead-acid battery, so no special or expensive charger is required.  These batteries will work with any vehicle charging system and “modern” lead-acid battery chargers, thanks to our built-in battery management system.  The batteries are an exceptional value given the fact they last years longer than a lead-acid battery. With a lot of talk about lithium batteries these days, it is known not all lithium batteries are equal.  There are dozens of different types of chemistry used in lithium batteries, and  EarthX batteries use cells made of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry that was developed here in the U.S.A.  This is the best performing and safest technology on the market today. Lithium batteries are fundamentally different than lead-acid batteries and require the cells inside the 12V battery use sophisticated electronics to monitor and balance the voltage/charge of the individual cells.  Other companies sell an additional balancing charger, which you have to plugin periodically to “top off” and balance the cells.  Inside every one of EarthX batteries is a microprocessor Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors the charge level of each cell and balances the charge when needed, protecting the cells from overcharge or over-discharge. What this means for you is more starting power, longer battery life, and the safest lithium motorsport battery on the market.

   The key advantages of the EarthX lithium battery over lead acid batteries are;

  • Light-weight — 70-80% less weight
  • Long Service Life — Up to 4000 charge / discharge cycles (~3-8 years), over 4 times the life of a lead-acid battery
  • Longer Storage Life – due to extremely low self-discharge rate, no need for charging in the off-season
  • Environmentally Friendly — non-toxic, non-contaminating, lead free and no hazardous materials
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range (-30 C–+60C) — lithium batteries are dry cell technology and will not freeze
  • Fast Charge — can be fully charged in less than a half hour
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Special Mounting Direction
  • Safety and Reliability — internal cells are continually monitored by an integrated battery management system

   The key advantages of EarthX lithium batteries over competitors lithium batteries;

  • All products are engineered in the USA
  • Each battery employs American battery technology, the most advanced lithium battery technology in the world
  • EarthX batteries are assembled in the USA with US and foreign components.
  • Built-in battery management system for maximum performance and longest life — no expensive balancing charger needed.
  • Flexible battery connection — batteries can be used in either left or right side polarity applications. You also have the option to connect the battery leads directly to your vehicle.
  • Integrity – battery specifications are accurate.  If a battery is rated at 500CCA, the battery has 500CCA. All batteries are tested to industry standards (SAE, UL, CE).

   earthx group shotWith an extensive amount of applications for the whole power sports industry, EarthX batteries has a model to fit your bike. Proof of that is evident”K and G use Earthx advance lithium technology batteries in every bike they own!” From their vintage bikes to the Screamin’ Eagle Ultra and more. Pick up an EarthX Lithium Battery today from K and G Cycles and leave your battery worries behind.

Add Storage and Style At Once

We talk to a lot of people during the rallies we attend and will relay our notes and experiences to the manufacturer’s so they can address your concerns, wants and needs. With so many of us here at K and G Cycles fellow members of the Biker Community, we encounter the same struggles as you and that is why we search hard for the parts and accessories you demand. One common thread between every motorcycle rider out there is the quest to find more storage on the bike. Not necessarily for the big stuff, more often for the small items we need to have at the ready. Sometimes we’d even like to be able to take those items with us for security reasons.

BBP-H50-109BK_2_Deluxe Fairing Pouch    Hopnel is one of the companies we are in constant contact with and one of the constant concerns voiced across the community is “more choices for storage!” That’s what customers are seeking so Hopnel is proud to introduce their latest Gold Wing Accessory – The Deluxe Fairing Pocket. These brand new pouches utilize a new double layer design to achieve a very stylish look. These new pockets measure a whopping 4 ½” x 6” x 2”, and incorporate an internal mesh pocket that allows additional secure storage. Designed to mount on the left fairing pocket door of Hondas GL1800 Gold Wing using either Hopnel’s conventional hook and loop strap system or the slick Buddy Lock System. The Buddy Lock attaches a permanent Buddy Lock Clip to the fairing door allowing the pouch to be removed with a twist and either stored or transferred to your belt with the included H50-01BLT Buddy Lock Belt Holder. Alternatively, the Buddy Lock Clip Mount could be used universally to mount on any flat surface. How’s that for versatility?

   When it comes to developing functional accessories Hopnel is a brand that listens to customer feedback and responds. K and G Cycles is proud to have partnered with Hopnel so we can bring you innovative products designed to make your travels more rewarding. Take a look at this and all the other Hopnel products available here.

What You Need To Know About Sunglasses

If you want to get technical, Sunglasses are, “A form of protective eye wear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes.”, 1 item motorcyclists all share a need for. It doesn’t matter what you ride –  a Harley, a Gold Wing, you’ve built your own, or you ride a Sport Bike – the sun still gets in our eyes. Now don’t get me wrong, a motorcyclists favorite word in any weather forecast is hands down”Sunny” and we all have sunglasses to protect our vision, but sunglasses designed for riding do so much more than those rack bargains at those big chain stores and that is why K and G Cycles is pleased to offer you a large selection of Premium Riding Sunglasses.

sunglasses  Riding specific glasses offer so many more features than standard ones that the difference in price is quickly justified. Eye protection ascends to new levels as we dissect the sunglasses intended for riding. To begin with, most have a wrap around construction that offers more coverage blocking the sun or airborne debris so when you are traveling the back roads or heading out to the highway your eyes receive the most amount of surface protection possible. The next feature we notice is the foam surround, creating a seal around the eye sockets. This cuts down on side turbulence so air on the eyes is virtually removed and there is far less a chance of debris coming in contact with your eyes. Lenses come in many different colors to suit ones purpose, style. or fashion needs. Here are a few color choice recommendations.

  • Gray and green lenses are considered neutral because they maintain true colors.
  • Brown lenses cause some color distortion, but also increase contrast.
  • Turquoise lenses are good for medium and high light conditions, because they are good at enhancing contrast, but do not cause significant color distortion.
  • Orange and yellow lenses increase both contrast and depth perception. They also increase color distortion. Yellow lenses are used by pilots, boaters, fishers, shooters, and hunters for their contrast enhancement and width perception properties.
  • Blue or purple lenses are mainly cosmetic.

C122 CrystalGrey-Smoke   In addition to purpose driven lens color, most manufacturers strive to make have their sunglasses achieve the high-mass impact status ANSI Z87.1 testing which administers 2 types of testing. 1) A lens retention test in which a high mass object (1.1 lb projectile) is dropped 50″ above the glasses mounted to a headform. To pass no pieces may break free from the inside of the test specimen, the lens cannot fracture,and must remain in the frame or housing . 2) A High Velocity test consisting of a 1/4″ steel ball fired at 20 different impact points with speeds up to 150ft/sec. or 102 MPH. Pass/Fail specs are the same as the high mass test, plus no contact with the eye is permitted through deflection of the lens, meant to simulate particles encountered while grinding, chipping, machining, or other similar types of activities. Thank you for making safety grade sunglasses that look cool too.

Rx Shade    Taking riding glasses even further is the ability to offer prescription lenses for those riders needing them. Being an eyeglass wearer, there was nothing more frustrating than your only options being ride with your regular glasses and deal with the ill effects of the glasses not matching the need, or wear sunglasses and compromise your vision. So thanks to hearing our call and allowing the visually impaired motorcyclists to enjoy the same great protection as the others.

Understanding a need to increase rider comfort and safety, K and G Cycles offers you the highest quality riding glasses on the market at affordable prices. It’s time to ditch those dime store shades and step up to the big league in eye protection. Riding Sunglasses improve visual comfort and clarity by protecting the eye from glare and offer protection against excessive exposure to light and airborne debris.

The Right Place For Your Stuff

It happens all too often – we are forced to seek storage for the items we need close at hand in far away places. No, I’m not referring to Cinderella’s Castle, Hook’s Ship or the Dwarf’s Cottage in the woods, I am referring to the saddlebags, roll bags or even the back pack we must place out belongings in. There is a simple solution from the team at K and G Cycles, a Windshield Pouch. There are many designs available depending on the bike you ride.

The most common 3pouch-bag-BBP-H50-303BK is the curved 3 pouch bag that fits mainly motorcycles with fairings. Designed to follow the curve of the dash, these bags offer a decent amount of storage in a center bag, as well as 2 outer bags that are usually curved. The center bag delivers the most amount of space and can handle such items as Digital Cameras, cell phones, sunglasses and more. The outer pockets will handle less because they are actually smaller. A less used item or less important item can be stowed in these. Regardless of what you stow where, you now have an storage withing your reach.

non-fairing-2-pouch-BBP-H50    For those of you that have a full windshield instead of a fairing, there are options for you too. There are 3 pouch bags in addition to the single pouch bag. Sure they only have to follow the outward curve of the windshield rather than that of the dash, but they are still every bit of the work horse as their prettier cousins. One distinct advantage of the single pouch unit is its cavernous interior lets you put almost anything in there. Small Dog, Handgun, Bigger nicer Camera, or even a Turkey Leg.

   I have never had a motorcycle without a complete windshield as opposed to a fairing so I cannot weigh in 100% on the single big pouch. I have sold more of them than I can count on my fingers, toes, ears and nose times 10. I can however tell you on my curved 3 pouch model, I use an outer pouch for my garage door opener, the other outer pouch for a travel size first aid kit and sunscreen. The center pouch holds my registration, my phone, insurance card, and my disc lock. Oh yeah and a small old digital camera for those moments you just have to capture.

   When you run out of places to stash the things you need near by, it is time to consider a windshield bag from K and G Cycles. It doesn’t matter what bike you ride or the style you want, we’ve got you covered. Plain, Studded, Fringed and more, we can help you keep the important stuff within reach and keep the good looks of your bike flowing throughout.

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