One Unique Ride

For many many moons now, owners of the famed Gold Wing and it’s recent “Custom” Step-Child The F6B, have not had a way to come to The Dark Side. K and G Cycles has found a manufacturer that has created a Smoke Accessory Package that lets you create the perfect Gold Wing F6B. A Limited Edition offering of 9 accessories that accentuate the F6B’s dark lines by turning the standard chrome finish into a Smoke finish.

  The unique dark plated finish gives an illusive feeling to the chrome that adds depth and definition. Depending on the amount of available light, the Smoke look will often take on a chameleon-like effect. Its dark mirror finish is the perfect accent to the F6B and its sinister blacked out design. The Dark Smoke Package is  available in a dress out package of 9 of what are considered to be the must have pieces for the F6B / GL1800. Only this time they are finished in the illusive Smoke finish:

Smoke-Kit-BBP-SPL52816SK11) Pair of Smoke Board Covers

2) Pair of Smoke Engine Covers

3) Pair of Smoke LED Saddlebag Accents

4) Pair of Smoke Battery Covers

5) Pair of Smoke Frame Covers

6) Pair of Smoke Garnish Accents

7) Pair of Smoke Fender Fillers

8) Smoke Front Fender Extension

9) Smoke LED Rear Fender Accent

    With the F6B starting out as a great “Dark” platform, it is no surprise someone has come up with a package to finish what the factory started. For those of you that are still on the fence, there is no time to dawdle. This is a Limited Edition Smoke Dress Package and is expected to be available in limited quantities. For those GL1800 owners (2012 and newer) the Smoke Accessory Group for the F6B also fits your motorcycle. With Father’s Day quickly approaching this would make the perfect for Dad and because of its limited quantity, not everyone will have it. K and G Cycles is always looking to bring you the latest in motorcycle accessories so you can have a bike like no other.

Over The Road Support

As we get to ride more and more everyday, our thoughts turn to the ideal riding spots or vacations. With the busy lives we lead, it is sometimes more conducive to trailer our bikes to the destination so we have more time to enjoy the area and the scenery it has to offer. K and G Cycles understands this very well and would like to give you a few suggestions to prepare yourself for a successful trip.

sc2000 by Condor, simplifying trailer transportation for your bike.   Whether yo choose to haul your bike in the bed of your truck, on a trailer or in an enclosed trailer, you are going to need something to secure your bike. The good people over at Condor have created this chock for your trailer cleverly called “Simple Chock” The CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock is an all-steel version of the Pit Stop, and has all the same capabilities except it is designed for trailer use only. With it’s patented adjustable cradle, it fits all bikes from dirt bikes and sportbikes, to cruisers and heavy touring bikes, and anything in between, up to 3,000 lbs. It will work on front and rear tires from 14″ to 22″ and 80mm to 230mm. The patented locking mechanism effortlessly and securely supports your motorcycle in an upright position on all transportation platforms. The chock is designed to hold your motorcycle so securely, only one person is needed to load and unload any bike, and only two tie-down straps are required. And you won’t damage your sensitive suspension parts because you never need to over tighten your tie down straps.

   For ease of use, the Trailer Only chock attaches and detaches to your trailer in seconds with four wing nuts. You will be amazed at how secure and safe your ride will be once tied down in the CONDOR wheel chock.The SC-2000 comes complete with all brackets and hardware to mount this unit to your trailer or lift table. The CONDOR SC-2000 folds down for easy storage and weighs only 26+ lbs. It’s dimensions in the upright position are 9” wide, 25” long and 15” high. Once folded, it becomes 9” wide, 25” long and 7” high.

   Simplify your transportation with a trailer only wheel chock by Condor, available at K and G Cycles and enjoy peace of mind when trailering your bike. The SC-2000 Trailer Only Chock from Condor, the chock that makes travel easy.

Double Duty Can-Am Accessories

Can Am Spyder Owners rejoice! The list of accessories available for your ride keeps growing! Like you, we here at K and G Cycles get excited when new accessories become available for your rides. We have found 2 new pieces that provide protection and good looking that will make any Spyder the envy of the crowd.

cowl scuff bar BBP-41-160  First up for your consideration is the Lower Nose Cowl Wear bar. Designed to give your paint  protection and avoid gouges to the cowl, this beautifully Chromed Wear Bar has EPDM Rubber strips that attach to the accent cover. Installation is simple – Double sided tape and 4 screws. the 4 screws also keep the rubber strips in place to help prevent loss. For your added convenience this Wear Bar Kit comes with a replacement set of rubber strips. This accent piece will give your Spyder a whole new look. Some might even say it gives it a look similar to the nose of a World War II Fighter Plane. I almost wish I had a Spyder just so I could add this piece.

 BBP-41-170_1_Lampgard Can-Am RT  Are you looking for a way to protect those expensive headlights on your Can Am? Here is a new product by Lampgard designed to give you added protection for the front end of your RT. The LampGard line of headlight protectors has been saving expensive headlights from errant stones and debris since 1992. The most recent addition is a set of LampGard headlight protectors for the popular Can-Am RT. Each LampGard protector is molded to match the headlight shape and produced from extremely durable acrylic. Acrylic is a good impact resistant material which absorbs the impact from debris, unlike thin applied skins that apply to your headlight and havelittle impact absorption capability. LampGard truly protects by creating an air space between the LampGard and your headlight which becomes a void to help absorb any impact before it damages your headlight. Each LampGard is held in place by 4pair of round dual lock clear fasteners that have hi-temp adhesive to stay put on the headlight in all weather conditions. For the Can-Am RT 2010-14.

   Again, we feel the Spyder owners should not be left out of the Accessory Game. Count on K and G Cycles to deliver the best cutting edge products for your Can Am at unbelievable prices.

Your New Can Am Windshield

Well it looks like its happened again. More parts for your Can Am Spyder have hit the market. As we’ve said all along, K and G Cycles will keep you informed as parts become available for the beast. Well, here we are again. This time with a replacement windshield.

BBP-20-400 can am windshield     The ideal replacement windshield for the Can-Am Spyder RT has finally made it! After countless hours analyzing the riders air envelope, it was determined that a windshield that is 4 ½” wider than OEM unit, provided the rider with the best comfort zone. To decrease the known turbulence behind the windshield it was determined a design that incorporated unique anti-buffet vents to smooth out the turbulence and reduce noise. To ensure longevity this new windshield (P# BBP-20-400) is made from clear 5/32” DOT acrylic for strength and durability. This replacement windshield for Spyders is an affordable improvement over the OEM version.

  • Fits 2010 and later Can Am Spyder RT Models
  • 4 1/2″ Wider than stock
  • Made from DOT approved clear acrylic 5/32” thick acrylic
  • Features Anti-buffeting vents to reduce turbulence as well as noise
  • Improves rider comfort by reducing air pressures applied to the rider

We are excited to bring you more products for your Can Am and will continue to do so in the future as they become available. Some may be for Show, some may be for Go, some may increase rider comfort (like this replacement windshield P# BBP-20-400), and some may be for convenience. Whatever you are looking for your Spyder, if someone makes it you can guarantee K and G Cycles will have it at the lowest possible price.


Better Lighting for A Better Ride

At some point in our riding career, we will replace the headlights on our motorcycles and scratch our heads as to which ones to install. Do we stick with the OEM replacement unit? Do we upgrade to a Plasma or HID light? We even have to consider an LED replacement these days. At K and G Cycles our goal is to provide you the best value for your hard earned dollar and sometimes that means searching all over the place to do so. Well, in our travels we have found an affordable priced LED headlight replacement bulb for your Honda Gold Wing GL1500.

BBP-10-105 LED Replacement Bulb    If you want the brilliance and clarity of LED lighting but the price of it scares you away, we have the solution. Part # BBP-10-105 is a condenser style constant current LED bulb that is a direct replacement for the standard H4 bulb found on GL1500s (1988-1997) Headlights. This bulb features 16 high capacity 5 watt LEDs circling this new H4 replacement as well as a condenser lens to greatly enhance the brightness. This is truly an exceptional 80 watt LED bulb. Designed to fit GL1500 Gold Wings 1988-97, this will work as a replacement for any other H4 application. With a price tag under $60 this should be an easy decision.

BBP-10-104_1_LED Replacement Bulb     Now if we the replaced the center light and left the outer ones alone, we wouldn’t be doing much good. Have no fear, we have LED replacements for the outer lights too. A condenser lens constant current LED bulb (Part # BBP-10-104) replaces the standard GE # 192-T 3 ¼ wedge base 5 watt position light bulb as used on the GL1500 Gold Wing front lighting system. This custom designed LED bulb has (5) 5 watt condenser lensed LED’s that come together to give you a whopping 25 watts, all in an LED bulb measuring only 32mm (1¼”) long. This condenser lens LED fits directly into the OEM outer light position sockets on all years of the GL1500 Gold Wing (1988-2000). Since they are sold as a single unit, 2 are required for the GL1500. These bulbs also fit as replacements for most other uses of T 3 ¼ wedge bulbs. For less than $25 each, you can increase your visual footprint dramatically and still stay within your budget.

   Updating your lighting shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With LED bulb replacements from K and G Cycles you can get the job done for around $100. Increasing your safety by installing cleaner, brighter lights has never been closer than it is right now. Shop on over and get ready yo see a whole new light when it comes to your motorcycle.

Expand Your Storage Options

We talk to a lot of people during the rallies we attend and will relay our notes and experiences to the manufacturer’s so they can address your concerns, wants and needs. With so many of us here at K and G Cycles fellow members of the Biker Community, we encounter the same struggles as you and that is why we search hard for the parts and accessories you demand. One common thread between every motorcycle rider out there is the quest to find more storage on the bike. Not necessarily for the big stuff, more often for the small items we need to have at the ready. Sometimes we’d even like to be able to take those items with us for security reasons.

BBP-H50-109BK_2_Deluxe Fairing Pouch    Hopnel is one of the companies we are in constant contact with and one of the constant concerns voiced across the community is “more choices for storage!” That’s what customers are seeking so Hopnel is proud to introduce their latest Gold Wing Accessory – The Deluxe Fairing Pocket. These brand new pouches utilize a new double layer design to achieve a very stylish look. These new pockets measure a whopping 4 ½” x 6” x 2”, and incorporate an internal mesh pocket that allows additional secure storage. Designed to mount on the left fairing pocket door of Hondas GL1800 Gold Wing using either Hopnel’s conventional hook and loop strap system or the slick Buddy Lock System. The Buddy Lock attaches a permanent Buddy Lock Clip to the fairing door allowing the pouch to be removed with a twist and either stored or transferred to your belt with the included H50-01BLT Buddy Lock Belt Holder. Alternatively, the Buddy Lock Clip Mount could be used universally to mount on any flat surface. How’s that for versatility?

   When it comes to developing functional accessories Hopnel is a brand that listens to customer feedback and responds. K and G Cycles is proud to have partnered with Hopnel so we can bring you innovative products designed to make your travels more rewarding.

Honk and They Shall Hear

Have you ever been in a situation when you wished your horn was more powerful? If only that stock one still worked! Well leave it to K and G cycles to come up with a solution to your concerns. Wolo, known for the original “Bad Boy” horn that woke up everything within 100 miles of the motorcycle world, has done it again! They have released a more powerful air horn that is sure to be more popular than the Bad Boy. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Big Bad Max Air Horn from Wolo in your choice of Shiny Chrome or inconspicuous Black.

 Black-Bax-Max-Wolo  Many of you will remember how the Wolo Bad Boy stormed onto the market and destroyed every single horn that dared challenge it? Well with the new season slowly emerging on the horizon, they have decided to reinvent the wheel and bring a new horn to the market, The Big Bad Max Air Horn! Following in the tradition of ear drum shattering sound found with the Bad Boy, the BBM ramps up the power output while delivering good looks. You will want to take a look at all the great features the BBM is bringing to the table.

wolo-super-horn• 1-piece design, that requires no hoses

• Installs in minutes by simply transferring the factory horn wires

to the compressor

• Produces a powerful dual tone air horn sound that is 3 times

(3X) louder than the factory horn

• The sound chamber has also been engineered to allow the user

to clean any road dirt or dust, without any special tools

• Compact in size to fit any car, truck, motorcycle and any

12-volt vehicle that wants a loud air horn sound

• 123.5 Decibels @ 2 meters

• Includes mounting bolt and 30 amp relay

   Why not make this the season of making sure they see or hear you! Installation is simple and straight forward and everything you need is supplied. The Wolo Big Bad Max is available from your friends at K and G Cycles in a beautiful Chrome or a subtle Black finish so it will compliment any bike you are on and no matter what level of customization you’ve reached.

Upgrading Luggage Capacity

metric tour pack RIDE-TPWRBS3   As riders, we all know every motorcycle has one horrible problem – the common lack of storage. In the hunt for innovative products, we have discovered a company that is producing Tour Packs for your Metric bike. K and G Cycles is proud to offer you storage options that will increase the utility of your ride. This large premium locking motorcycle trunk comes with a Chrome top rack, Deluxe wrap around passenger backrest and even an LED lighted spoiler. This is a great trunk for any mid size cruiser. It’s great for Honda (VTX, Shadow, Valkyrie), Kawasaki (Vulcan), Suzuki (Boulevard, Marauder, Intruder),  and Yamaha (V Star, Road Star, Stratoliner), motorcycles.

metric tour pak RIDE-TPWRBSThis trunk offers an enormous amount of storage that is capable of stowing (2) full face helmets inside. For your convenience and security, the trunk is key lockable and features a full length weather seal to keep the elements out and your belongings safe! This Tour Pack package also includes an upgraded wrap around backrest that provides additional comfort and stability for your passenger. It also comes with a chrome luggage rack that allows for additional tie down carrying capacity. Plus you get a slim line spoiler packed full of eye catching LED lights. These lights can be wired as a run/brake combo for increased visibility as well as safety. The trunk package also includes a universal mounting plate with screws, grommets, nuts and washers, everything you require to mount it on an 8×8” or larger flat luggage rack or plate (not included). Drilling may be required depending on the luggage rack/plate style.

So you see, adding a Tour Pack to your Metric cruiser and gaining a ton of space is much simpler than you imagined. Your friends at K and G Cycles can help you with everything you need to expand your cargo carrying capability. All you have to do is contact them.

  •  Overall Dimensions: 12″ High x 17″ Deep x 22.5″ Wide.

Blown Speakers? Upgrade

Over the years, the sound quality coming from your Gold Wings radio has deteriorated to the point you now notice it. The question that comes to mind is “What can I do restore that sound?” Well K and G Cycles has the answer – Aftermarket Direct Replacement Speakers. These are not Factory offered speakers, rather an upgrade from the stock configuration. Many aftermarket models use higher end materials and heavier magnets that result in a more powerful speaker that is capable of producing a larger dynamic range.

For those of you rigold-wing-speakersding a 2001-2005 GL1800 we have Front and Rear replacement speakers that will have you “Rockin Down the Highway!” Part # BBP-13-102 are lightweight 2-way speakers that have Butyl rubber surround and a plastic cone for superior weather resistance. What you get from theses speakers is 30 watts of RMS power ( the amount a speaker can steadily handle as opposed to peak wattage which can be achieved but not continuously), a suspended tweeter, 4 ohm operation, and are water resistant so they are a perfect motorcycle application. Speakers measure 4-1/2″ in diameter and 2-1/4″ deep so they are a drop in application making the install headache free. For your convenience, these speakers plug directly into the existing factory wire harness, so there is no slicing required.

Upgrading or restoring good sound to your older Gold Wing has never been simpler. With a plug and play, drop in application you are short time away from enjoying those tunes again. Contact K and G Cycles and order up your front and or rear replacement speakers today. Your ears will thank you!

Go The Extra Mile or 20

How many times have you had that sick feeling you might run out of gas while traveling at 1 in the morning and you haven’t a clue where the next gas station is? K and G Cycles has fairly inexpensive insurance for this situation. The REDA Gas Can, designed specifically for your hard-sided touring saddlebags. Your riding pleasure and confidence increases dramatically when you know you have an extra gallon of gas tucked in your bags should you need it.  The number one worry of most riders is how”Do I have enough fuel to make it?”/“Where is the next service?” Those days are long gone!

goldwing reda   The REDA Saddlebag Gas Can is an ingenious invention that solves the age old problem that all of us have had to deal with. Each can holds an impressive one gallon of gas and thereby extending your ride up to 35-40 miles, put one in each bag and you now have added approximately an hours travel time, providing you plenty of time to reach the next fill up. Custom made to fit perfectly right in that back, hard to reach corner of the saddlebag, it hardly takes up any space at all. The REDA Gas Can is  both EPA and CARB certified, and meeting these standards makes this gas can 100 % vapor proof AND 100% spill proof, so there is no need to worry about fumes or gas in your bags. The Reda Gas Can was invented by a fellow rider passionate about logging a ton of miles and didn’t want to plan rides based around fuel stops. Ron Reda couldn’t find a solution to the age old dilemma, so he invented the REDA Gas Can to help all riders heading out on long trips. If you have ever run out of gas you know how it can ruin your day and others you are riding with. Built to last a lifetime and made of the highest quality materials, the REDA Gas Can will give you the confidence and piece of mind to really enjoy the ride and not worry about where the next gas station is.

 The Reda Gas Can, available from K and G Cycles is must for every motorcyclist out there. Pack 2 or give one to a friend because running out of fuel sucks, but thanks to Ron Reda we don’t have to anymore. Grab yours before it’s too late.

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